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  1. I think the obvious solution here is to just give bh cop restraints
  2. Got to play a game of Valorant with shroud =). Here's a pic of me eating a brim ult.
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    Congrats on the promotions everyone!
  5. The AFD is a very new faction, and it will take time for the higher ups to work out all of the kinks. No criticism to your post, as I understand where this complaint comes from, and these kinds of posts let the staff see what to change in order to make the medic faction a more enjoyable experience for everybody. Hopefully within the coming months, with the addition of new rules, and more experienced medics, the AFD will become a faction which increases the quality of all styles of gameplay
  6. In game bank balance(Screenshot Required): https://gyazo.com/08e1a3a857443028458f404515a698a4 (Sitting on like 700k scotch right now, just waiting for asylum to fix the sell price.) Hours on arma 3(Screenshot Required): https://gyazo.com/da06c7eae620568a1b7eb1280d2b95d2 Why do you want to join?: Sick of being in a small gang with my friends. Want to join a bigger gang so I can safe pull ifrits and orcas. Members are chill. How old are you?: 17 List of previous gangs: Apple Corp, and some others that aren't worth mentioning. Can any current members vouch for you?: Vietnamese Farmer, and maybe some others.
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