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    Congrats on the promotions everyone!
  2. The AFD is a very new faction, and it will take time for the higher ups to work out all of the kinks. No criticism to your post, as I understand where this complaint comes from, and these kinds of posts let the staff see what to change in order to make the medic faction a more enjoyable experience for everybody. Hopefully within the coming months, with the addition of new rules, and more experienced medics, the AFD will become a faction which increases the quality of all styles of gameplay
  3. In game bank balance(Screenshot Required): https://gyazo.com/08e1a3a857443028458f404515a698a4 (Sitting on like 700k scotch right now, just waiting for asylum to fix the sell price.) Hours on arma 3(Screenshot Required): https://gyazo.com/da06c7eae620568a1b7eb1280d2b95d2 Why do you want to join?: Sick of being in a small gang with my friends. Want to join a bigger gang so I can safe pull ifrits and orcas. Members are chill. How old are you?: 17 List of previous gangs: Apple Corp, and some others that aren't worth mentioning. Can any current members vouch for you?: Vietnamese Farmer, and maybe some others.
  4. "Hands up hands up" *downs random civ* "allahu Akbar" *turns and runs in opposite direction* Had me cracking up XD
  5. I'll post when I can get on
  6. I already have 5 houses in athira, but I hate the loacation of one of my 70ks so maybe we could do a trade or I can use that one to get a discount?
  7. How much do you want for it?
  8. HAHAHAHAHAHA... No. Cops have rules they need to abide by to make sure things that could clearly cause a lot of chaos, and potentially ruin the game aren't abused such as flashbangs, and handcuffs. The last thing we need is an army of squeaker bounty hunters spamming flashbangs in Kavala square while handcuffing everybody.
  9. Can I also get an update on my application please
  10. In-Game Name ByadByadMan Age? 16 Arma 3 Hours? 1,093 Are you financially stable? Yes Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak? Yes Current and Past Gangs? The Syndicate, Apple corp, LemonPartyCrew Why do you want to join our gang/ What can you bring to the gang? I'm currently pretty good, and am currently in a small gang with friends but cartels are pretty hard to take with just a couple of people so I want to squad up with some mature, experienced players. We have however had a few good fights with you guys and i'm sure a few of them could vouch for me. We are also the founders of the infamous hemmtt, box truck blockade strategy Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? KrazyKnight, Zealot
  11. How much are you looking for?
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