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Dumbasso signing out.

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Hello everyone, and goodbye everyone.
Many of you may not or may know me. 
I have been on this server since 2016 or 17 don't really know but ive had my experiences, gone from an apple picker in kavala to a shitty rebel to a recruit in SGS *Snitches get stitches* old gang on s3&4 to an insane cartel fighter, to a rdmer, to a mass rdmer, to a kamikaze pilot, to a terrorist, to a duper. and that pretty much sums up most of my time.
i want to say thank you to @stompy for picking me up when i was new to the server. and then i want to thank all the gangs ive been in.
I never really made any long lasting friends on this server so i have no one else to thank but i have had a fun time especially when cartel fights were actual fights and it was fun. but those times were over a long time ago.
the reason i rdm'd and duped and broke rules were because the servers are dying as fuck so i just made the best out of my time left because it is hella funny just shooting people with 50 cals in Kavala. and ofc terrorising cops.
but anyways, i once was a legitimate player with meth and scotch houses making my money legit and then fighting cartels with gangs which was fun, but when you have 4 mill to just spend on random shit without having to worry i decided to spend that on LIM's, .50 cals, helis and ifrits etc to just fuck around with.
But now im perm banned so this is my farewell. i know i have trolled a lot of people but not very long ago i was actually a serious player. 
peace asylum ty for the experience

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2 hours ago, JAY1HP said:



7 hours ago, william said:

thank fuck. can we get him forum access revoked too?


19 hours ago, NomaKasd said:

you got a lakka shed for 6 million? Or you willing to accept 6 million for a Lakka shed if you own it


On ‎2019‎-‎02‎-‎09 at 3:03 PM, is anybody out there said:


you know u doing good when u get hate !! lmao yall do realise im not serious with shit eh

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