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  1. dy/dt = sec(y)cos(t) confused on how to formulate the dy/sec(y)
  2. In game name: Feenix G. Reno Player ID: 76561198072134281 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot required): 3746.1 hrs EU/NA: Na Vouching members: rOgue made me
  3. well fuck me sideways, my mind is blown good shit lord azeh.
  4. Who the fuck cares it’s a fucking video game
  5. A real fucking legend
  6. Unpopular Opinion : Ever since Pilot Coverails and CSATs were introduced laggy shits continue to tank more bullets and make this game CQC dominant making the game less fun
  7. Gangs like Regiment back in the day had this thing on the forums that showed they owned the Cartels majority of the time compared to other gangs. Dunno if you could bring it back @BaDaBiNg_10-8
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