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  1. patrick swayze the only man to be banned off every single atlis life server ever
  2. yeah I agree not a total wipe would be good, but thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts
  3. why do you think people buy money, everyone been "grinding" forever Reapeared..hell alot of us dont even play anymore, the majority of the population has always been gangs, ..gangs have been secluded and nerfed and not updated hardly ever people are so dedicated to Asylum and have put up with the server crashing, lag, no updates this community has been so loyal, waited, we've all donated something at one point, community goals still being donated towards..& then devs, admins, people come on here "IdK wHy U guYs aaRe ComMplAininG?!?!?!?!"..i've always thought it's a bit unfair that the serv
  4. put the default altis life mission file / database, give everyone max money to compensate for the people still sticking around playing and dealing with lag, kicks & no updates after we all paid for paratus life & family and kept the server running this long (i quit long ago cba) test for 1-2 days , if there is no lag, there is your problem, tell paratus if he doesnt help redo his mission file you guys are all done (and really mean it) if there is still lag and mass kicks or etc, you might want to get some advice on picking better hosting or just work out some agreement
  5. almost made me reinstall arma
  6. If you going to spend 221 on i5, the i770k is around 300 if you find a good deal, might as well You can also spend a bit more and get the gtx 1060 with 6gb
  7. arma is dead period bud, and if it wasn't the server performance most definitely wouldn't help, i mean it's only been kicking people for about two years now not sure why all you guys still play
  8. https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/172-tutorial-uranium-mine-44/
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