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  1. patrick swayze the only man to be banned off every single atlis life server ever
  2. JAY1HP

    Change log 8.2.0

    yeah I agree not a total wipe would be good, but thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts
  3. JAY1HP

    Change log 8.2.0

    why do you think people buy money, everyone been "grinding" forever Reapeared..hell alot of us dont even play anymore, the majority of the population has always been gangs, ..gangs have been secluded and nerfed and not updated hardly ever people are so dedicated to Asylum and have put up with the server crashing, lag, no updates this community has been so loyal, waited, we've all donated something at one point, community goals still being donated towards..& then devs, admins, people come on here "IdK wHy U guYs aaRe ComMplAininG?!?!?!?!"..i've always thought it's a bit unfair that the servers ideas, changes, updates are put in place and mandated by people who don't even play and haven't played in ages, they should hoenstly just make things more laid back and give people what they want, i mean honestly what could it hurt, but then it wouldn't even matter, the server performance has been on the downside since june 2016, i've posted several times what to do ... run the servers with a small default altis life mission file, along with blank default altis life SQL tables, make everything free (obviously still asylum rules in place & cops whitelist in place, admins, etc)tell everyone to come on and cause havoc to stress test it...if the servers still lag therre lies an issue with the hosting, IF NOT..there is some issues with the mission file & database, arma 3 is dying more and more everyday, not sure why bamf and gnashes think this oldschool hard core, "RP" "Grind": is going to work, literally everything rebel/gang wise has been changed where cops have it easier..Banks changed/moved..Jail changed, moved, reworked, changed, moved, community had to go on strike and bitch and complain for months for it to be changed..it seems the only way changes are made is if the community bitches for 6 months...hencea gain "IdK wHy U guYs aaRe ComMplAininG?!?!?!?!" ive still came on here to read & see what has been changed because this server has always had a place, i have met alot of great friends and made alot of memories on here i've typed up alot of stuff and not said it , but i just had to say this, this is not me bitching, this is not me complaining, this is me stating my two sense on everything , i still wish this server the best of luck..i had overpoch /epoch servers in arma 2, i was the same way, didn't want to make things fun/easy/ didn't listen, made things only my way...one community i made died...tried it again, listening to everyone, working with the community..made it fun, simple, you give it a little it goes a long way...long story short i made around $9,000 in donations and had a great run, 2 100 slot servers full for months, arma 2 streamers playing on my servers...hell you guys might as well start clean...WIPE the ban list. mock up a new mission file..pay Poseidon to do his thing & whoever. and actually give some slack, you are going to have to make some change guys, you have very little people left. everyone else is fed up, banned, quit caring because server not making any changes & got banned cause they didn't care...quit, or left to go to olympus...and saying "IDC GO TO OLYMPUS THEN!! IF ITS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!" is definitely not what you should be saying , not directed at anyone specifically but i've read it..anyway i am tired of typing and probably ONCE AGAIN wasting my time even bothering..hello to all my old friends & hope everyone is good.. tagging some people i agree with and know they feel the same way i do @Haych @Tom @Azeh @Steve also tagging some staff (even though it probably wont matter) @Reapered @Mitch (IFRIT) @bamf
  4. put the default altis life mission file / database, give everyone max money to compensate for the people still sticking around playing and dealing with lag, kicks & no updates after we all paid for paratus life & family and kept the server running this long (i quit long ago cba) test for 1-2 days , if there is no lag, there is your problem, tell paratus if he doesnt help redo his mission file you guys are all done (and really mean it) if there is still lag and mass kicks or etc, you might want to get some advice on picking better hosting or just work out some agreement with Jesse, he actually is a pretty fair guy, he seems to find devs just fine @Jesse you have a really loyal playerbase left not sure why people still play this i think its time to make some changes or browse here maybe to besure someone knows sqf good https://www.upwork.com/ppc/landing/?ct=Writers&gclid=CjwKCAjwsJ3ZBRBJEiwAtuvtlHAdvvguPcvJ6vac_ilNPe_P7bUYurSh_6YtleAXc7seVZlYR4OcpRoCkWMQAvD_BwE&hl=Top Rated C Writers&query=C
  5. almost made me reinstall arma
  6. If you going to spend 221 on i5, the i770k is around 300 if you find a good deal, might as well You can also spend a bit more and get the gtx 1060 with 6gb
  7. arma is dead period bud, and if it wasn't the server performance most definitely wouldn't help, i mean it's only been kicking people for about two years now not sure why all you guys still play
  8. https://www.altisliferpg.com/topic/172-tutorial-uranium-mine-44/
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