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  1. I put it on my moms credit card so not my problem
  2. But when it works... it works... Very old video just thought it was funny
  3. are you telling me a country of 1.3 billion people only had 83,000 people infected? That's what happens when a country suppresses information, then when a country doesn't suppress information you have a common cold counted as the Wuhan-virus.
  4. I have the inside scoop that arma 4 will be out sometime next year. I have friends in high places..
  5. When arma 4 comes out next year, are you (the asylum staff) prepared to make the big leap? Have you been preparing yourself and you fingers for the endless coding you're going to be doing? How many servers? 6? I would say go big, spend the money to make the money is what people say. If you aint broke.. you aint rich..or if you aint rich you're probably broke is what they tell me.
  6. I like how there were mass protests a few weeks ago and now everyone is wondering why there's a spike in corona cases..
  7. uh.. they did that in the 40's and 50's.. ain't nothing new
  8. I agree. But make it so we can buy mk200's there with downings as well.
  9. Don't worry. 90% of the people here are virgins.
  10. you forgot the heavy breathing you fat fuck
  11. I just want to fuck your mom and give you a new baby brother and/or sister.
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