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  1. I agree with wang here. But GF needs a bit of a rework.
  2. Could we get a roster? Good luck!
  3. you know, it wouldn't be a bad idea for a hard rp server.. but this is a lite rp server, i don't think it would be 100% necessary. It's not game breaking, or OP... it just would be a waste of the devs time imo
  4. Don't you guys already have spikestrips that you can deploy from inside a vehicle?
  5. My cats breath smells like rotting fish, and I like it.
  6. But he's not the one suggesting something absolutely retarded. Go play Olympus if you're going to be a shitter.
  7. It was mostly directed at weed. When you can do everything from the safety of your house, there's a problem. With lsd you at least have to drive 10000km to process
  8. Getting rid of passive money making aka weed from houses will only increase the value of LSD.
  9. They have the numbers.. but never fight Or do banks Or do feds Or do cartels
  10. Why does it bother you? It's a minimal rp server. Shit thread. 1 star. 2 thumbs down 3 fingers in your bhole. Loser got fucked by a mute. Also vote kick this loser
  11. Literally willing to create some sick original songs for asylum.
  12. Domestic violence is not funny. Typical Chinese always resorting to violence.
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