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  1. I think this is a bad idea. I would like to see more cops patrolling Turfs more often. Also would like to see more abuse of power and corrupt admins.
  2. You got it pal You mad bro? Completed within 6 hours. Just think if I had a full day to disstrack you. I bet you're crying now.
  3. Lyrics: Mitch is a BITCH! Mitch is a BITCH! Mitch is a BITCH! Mitch is a BITCH! BITCH IS A BITCH! x5 Loopit
  4. I literally made a dis-track about you for this don't even go there
  5. i'm talking about the bots that spam you with messages? you don't get that?
  6. He's the owner. His house his rules. Don't like it GTFO. Sorry had to sound as toxic as mr toxic toxican.
  7. i can't believe how bad the spam is on soundcloud.. it's fucking ridiculous it's almost as bad as dating sites
  8. any chance I can get a foreskin skin?
  9. hey nice dude thanks for the info.. already got that info like a year ago get wrekt scrub
  10. im sorry that was uncalled for.. I still have salty feelings towards gnashes and I don't like him
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