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  1. Since when are cop lights blue and yellow? Must be a Euro-trash thing
  2. Must be tough fighting from inside a locked house.
  3. See ya @Clint Beastwood I still remember the time some admin took action against you because you called me a faggot after i killed you at a cartel. I also remember you banning me for RDM that wasn't RDM as proven in my video and it took you a week to lift the ban. It's just a game, i don't really care. But if I ever saw you irl i think i would have to say something and flex my muscles.
  4. IDK the 4/4 time is too hard to follow.
  5. that game literally looks like a pile of shit
  6. His recipes were terrible.. good riddance
  7. I'm still in the bulking stages... for the last 15 years...
  8. Spoiler alert: You're still fat, you're just skinny fat j/k good job
  9. 4/4 time "The drums are too hard to follow" - Mitch This one was decent.. wondering how you got the sound at the beginning
  10. honestly you should stick to doing stuff like the one titled "Edm But Rap??" The first part is cool on that and so is the second part but they don't fit too well together, it's like the first part is a build up, and it builds up into something that doesn't fit there at that moment. Keep working on that one and you could probably turn that into a nice song, just work on the transition between the two beats.
  11. makes me want to eat cotton candy and beat up clowns
  12. It was just ok.. Jesse is still a fucking pussy
  13. how the fuck is it hard to follow? It's straight 4/4 time lol But honestly the music behind the drums gets really repetitive. Reminds me of this shit J-Lo song a few years back where there was a saxophone in the background playing the same 4 measure line the whole fucking song and that's all I could hear. Not saying your music is shit because at least you're trying.
  14. Since this gang name is up for grabs, I here-by claim the title of Gang-Leader of Darkhorse Military
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