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  1. can confirm clint let me use esp and aimbot after we played 5 minutes together
  2. ur in the wrong place then aren't you m8
  3. because no one wants to pay 550$ for the skins they want they would rather just pay 20$ for specific ones
  4. god i loved abusing parole i made so much money
  5. loving the diversity, every different type of white man
  6. no way jose @Mitch (IFRIT) make it bannable to have less than 3 people in an ifrit
  7. this wouldnt bring back quilin meta i dont think, quilins are still quite expensive and still have no doors. 1-2 full ifrits is definitely way more fun of a fight than 10 with 1 in each
  8. the meta of people solo driving around in an armored vehicle that only costs 2 loadouts is a plague. No strategies to fighting anymore just 15 guys in 15 ifrits dropping behind one another. Please Mitch I beg to speak to you more in depth about this over VC
  9. hello can we make ifrits like 300k please this solo ifrit meta is really making me want to burn my computer
  10. that is a fucking great patch wtf might have to come back
  11. https://www.twitch.tv/william_yorkshire
  12. william

    WTB MK1s

    rebel outpost do a good deal i heard
  13. first clip gave me 2016 tom vibes
  14. good job my brother voodoo
  15. tactical view is able to be used unsure if this is intended
  16. error receiving player date @Azeh
  17. Ignition Bomb Players can purchase a new dangerous explosive from rebel. Entering a vehicle and scroll wheeling will allow you to attach a bomb to the ignition. Whomever decides to turn on said car, will result in a fiery explosion! @Smee @Alec-I
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