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  1. cant tell you how many times ive been told "never to be unblacklisted" just stroke his e-ego a little and tell him you wont do it again, but give it a month or 2 first. Thats about the going rate for a perm blacklist/ban
  2. holy shit i remember this guy being announced as a new mod
  3. 25$ per 100k!!!!!!!!! +no battleye ez
  4. Name - william Fun Fact - When the Nazi Party was in power, murders and persecution of 6 million Jews took place
  5. i speak for the whole community when I say no one cares
  6. i show bobs and vAGene
  7. i wake up every morning and ask myself the same thing. Today I want to be a woman
  8. am i the only one wondering who the fuck is @Vista never heard of him
  9. sorry brother, we all know its actually @Weeaboo Jones
  10. just do x amount into the gang bank depending on players online
  11. make skins for mitch so he can sell them for 25$ and keep it all
  12. @Widsyy is clearly a man of superior intellect. Wiping the server will be better for everyone, give us a reason to be more interactive with the game and actually make money, gain talent points, acquire housing and build back up. Grinding the game and my heart falling out my ass every time I did a meth run is what made it fun. You boring old men that farm money 24/7 saying you wouldn't like this but it would literally not change your playstyle. Shits dead needs something drastic to revive it.
  13. lol $25 for a ifrit/orca skin. really milking this while you can eh mitchell
  14. no longer denied you may re-apply
  15. some of you never played 2015/2016 asylum with 5 full servers you had to spam into. those of us that did are very sad to see such low population but thats life people move on
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