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  1. so instead of a singular 40 pop server you want 2, 20 pop servers?
  2. Remember, grinding hard gets you nothing in this community
  3. Ironic coming from me but have you tried not over-eating?
  4. Arma 3 AI is either too easy or aimbot spinners. although this does sounds like quite a good idea I have a feeling the mission file space this would take up is way too much.
  5. already suggested and approved, dev hasnt got round to it yet
  6. i liked it, the most OG montage song too. JOIN CRIMSON ITZ LIT
  7. william

    New Drug: Jenkem

    You have too much time on your hands diddy doomba
  8. /give money 999999999999
  9. im about to lose a lot of money
  10. trucks dont just despawn, make sure to put something in/take something out of the inventory every 10 minutes to prevent them from despawning. Make sure you're always recording too.
  11. Or make it so i lt cant be the previous map
  12. william


    he sucks at R6
  13. we wont let him take our art!! -1
  14. jail time isnt counted by total bounty amount I think, always used to be based off of whatt type of charges you had, pretty sure manslaughter used to be like 8 minutes per. I think its unchanged but could be wrong
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