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  1. william

    New developers

    first on the list to replace is @Ronald don't mind looking into this further afterwards
  2. accepted - message @DS_Billy for discord
  3. not as gnarly as the 1 tap i got on u yesterday at chop shop xx
  4. dude u won why are u complaining xd
  5. william

    BH/Rebel Variants

    BH shoudnt get promet, too OP
  6. dont die > problem solved
  7. did anyone ask for a new gang fort location?? pretty pointless imo as the other one was central to the map and was well designed as well as had decent fights. Not sure there was a need for another one. I guess its earlier for the EU folk which is good. Pretty good patch tho xx
  8. bro that res gave me eye cancer and the music gave me ear cancer. cheers, dogs crying now
  9. hello APD gamers, for too long we have struggled with dogshit outdated scroll wheel options!!! I am proposing a good restraint hotkey that aint utter shite and a lovely windows key menu for tickets/send to jail etc that can allow us to police more efficiently.
  10. the unprocessed ingredient sale price needs a buff too
  11. If i dont recognize the name and they dont have a title/gang i always look them up on myasylum to check myself if they are new while processing, although maybe even a symbol above their head if they are new instead of colors??
  12. +1 was my gang chief in Nefarious for a while, good cartel knowledge
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