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  1. i feel like this could honestly work lmao. i heard tiktok views are crazy
  2. yea that same post originally said the wipe would be on Saturday and Sunday then someone decided nope let's do it in the middle of a workday on Friday. big lame on that regard. also some takeaways for a future wipe: during the first day default cop loadouts shouldn't be level 2 tactical vests and spar 16s when every other person can only buy at most 2 pdws with their starting money have a very clear date and time on when the wipe is to occur. having it established at least a week prior to doing it
  3. fan of wipe, can wipe houses too for all i care, but if you don't wipe houses you need to implement my housing upkeep suggestion or houses are literally going to be hoarded for eternity. also if you do decide to wipe with houses wiped too use different server file than this one. you said wipe would be saturday and sunday but then did it on friday so alot of people werent even on or ready for it
  4. if it means they'll do a real wipe afterwards then yes, ill do some drug runs and have some rook banger battles in redzones for 3 days. probably would be more fun than what there is to do on the server right now. the only way i can get behind not wiping houses is if they implement a housing upkeep to prevent house hoarding for years by inactive players here is the perfect solution to that problem however asylum's #1 developer called it "electric bills" and denied it instantly.
  5. i dont really want to, but i understand where theyre coming from.
  6. v v v get over it, you honestly cant blame them for not fully committing to this.
  7. god forbid you lose your 1.3mil however will you recover
  8. I know a lot of people still see this somewhat pointless to play if it's not going to be a full on legitimate wipe. I understand that but play during their little test and give good player responses and hopefully there will be a real wipe. I don't blame them for not fully committing on the ideas of players who get banned every week for being toxic. just play during the test wipe, and give good response
  9. question for some peeps, how do people you've banned from posting on the forums make these ban appeals?
  10. remember when the server was dead and badabing, then you, then Mitch basically kept doing hot potato for owner and like all 3 of you did mass unbans and then the server was poppin needs the same thing
  11. Stay strong Lucien 💪

  12. wipe, mass unban, reset ban history twice a year, ping limiter(350+)
  13. mitch server removed like half of my kavala friends, id like them back rip calle,kille,heidelberg, and ig trisix too
  14. it needs a mass unban with it though.
  15. did he die in service to the israelis?
  16. I think asylum has plenty of content. Just the economy is inflated so nobody wants to do the content. Server needs a wipe tbh
  17. yea use that lawyer you were gonna use to sue the krauta guys with!
  18. L take speak again when you lose the retardation
  19. only 500k now? server must be dead or something
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