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  1. nigga you aint even making the killfeed. your shit is a 1k, just accept it, you fucking suck.
  2. 40 seconds, bro have you ever played halo, the announcer literally won’t say triple kill unless the kills are less than 4 seconds apart. So no, you shooting one guy in the back and then 40 seconds later shooting a guy in animation getting out of an ifrit is not a double kill.
  3. Well rested now little guy? I hope you figure out that if you get 4 kills at a cartel spanning 20 minutes that is not a 4k. You said to check your bounty and notifications to see that your shittage isn’t just 1ks, which is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. If I have to track your bounty then it’s just multiple singles.
  4. go to bed now, you’ve embarrassed yourself enough for one day. maybe you can make another go at it in the morning.
  5. you literally posted the worlds worst montage on the forums for attention retard
  6. so many singles i got it confused with your parents when they divorced and pulled straws for who gets to not keep you.
  7. He’s right, all these corrupt admins who take bribes to unban players is unacceptable! At least we can count on the honest admins like @RoguePilot he’s truly incorruptible.
  8. you’re right, I should of stayed in the middle of the street when that bounty hunter was in a group of 3, I should of never taken advantage of the houses I have, shame on me. I guess I shouldn’t use any advantage I have when it’s a 1v3 and I don’t even know where the other 2 are at. and I don’t even use hunters, im not a bounty hunter, sorry.
  9. Didn’t you just leave kavala after your gang got server removed, I’m sure you’ve become quite the cartel warrior since. you and your 1.5 kd
  10. I’d just vdm you, or exploit and shoot through some walls and shit, dpi glitch everywhere I go. Then after i spangle you I’ll say racial insults at you. Because that’s the kavala way nigga
  11. Don’t let your shit get stolen then, idk what to tell you. Just be better at the game then the people trying to steal your stuff . And lts already do that lmao, been doing that for years
  12. It’s a simple solution, just stop losing your ifrits, maybe instead of the casual fighting you’ll actually put effort and try not to lose your shit. In this game your happiness should come from taking the happiness from someone else. I’ve been joining at the same time for years, in the morning it’s usually 40 or 50 people, now it’s 4
  13. Im sorry but you’re wrong, kavala is full of nothing, just like every other city because the server is dead, joined this morning with a solid 4 people on.
  14. tell me you haven’t been in kavala without saying you haven’t been in kavala. All the big gangs are full load out all the time. And for the other thing that just sounds like poor life choices
  15. kavala has more money than the cartel players lol
  16. because sui vests have been overpriced for a while, rpg rockets too, considering the rockets fucking suck, only work against vehicles and even that’s a maybe. Tbh suivests should be like 100k and rockets should only be like 90k
  17. I think it should be around 125k, 65k was pretty ridiculous, I understand you like to wipe the asses of your cartel players but it was pretty absurd. I’m even fine with the new prices tbh, before I’d just shed peoples ifrits, now I might even try to chop them. And if the cartel players are unhappy then they have two options, stop being dogshit and actually win a cartel, or stop depending on cartels as your only source of money, clearly you’re not good at it if you’re upset, and go do one of the many many methods of making money
  18. im banned from the discord but i vote for the not dead server option
  19. i think this might of been the worst montage on an dead roleplaying server for a military sim that ive ever seen.
  20. expelliarmus that shit somewhere else nigga
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