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  1. Current world record of 5 vans high.
  2. i made a suggestion to spread equality and put some colored people hanging since its only white people. of course those nazi admins deleted it
  3. my sidechat randomly disables enough as is. can we not
  4. I’m sorry, there’s just too many exploits I enjoy with collision.
  5. Making montages on a 10 year old dead video game, on the roleplay servers, with the most clunkiest combat and worst physics ever made. I wish I could be as cool as these guys one day. Fun fact: There's more current Steam players on Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, Bloons TD 6, and Cookie Clicker right now.
  6. I learned this from attending a Black Lives Matter protest. I demand reparations for all my VDM bans over the years, regardless is they were deserved or not! I have endured trauma from the actions of former admins spanning the last 10 years. Payment is due directly from all the current admins' bank accounts. Contact me privately for appropriate routing information. If you try to argue this I will call you a racist and get you fired from your job and permanently blackballed from future employment.
  7. It’s not a loss until you leave
  8. I’m feeling hot today, I can win it back!
  9. Can we get some slot machines in the casino my dawg @Witz
  10. big fan of the casino guys
  11. same except every single one of us is a straight white man, hold the L
  12. Nominated for this years academy award for best cinematography
  13. u hurt someones feelings evidently.
  14. mo’ points mo’ problems
  15. I’ll wheel @Blake.out to the meetup.
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