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  1. more rules? harsher punishments? protect people's feelings? who let biden voters in here?
  2. everything was explained in extreme thorough detail. you just refuse to see it because you're just another head i live rent free in. idk how you can make this many salt filled replies publicly visible to everyone. im feeling the 2nd hand embarrassment for you.
  3. part of me would like to see purification removed and the double processes just moved to their respective processors, IE: double processing coke into coke bricks at coke pro, double processing meth into Heisenberg meth at meth lab, etc. the battles that were had at weed pro when golden wax was made there was crazy, it’d be sick to have those battles all over the map all the time. but ultimately I don’t really care that much however the processors in cities like weed pro and coke pro always had the best battles. keep in mind I don’t feel this way because there’s “too much risk” at purification factory, I just think it’d be more fun if you could double process at each processor. It’d keep players in the red zone longer so there’s more opportunity for fights.
  4. bro there’s no way you’re this retarded 😂😂 how can 10 people like this post and understand it completely fine and you struggle with it.
  5. sure If they can’t come to an agreement on fair compensation within the 10 minutes then Player A can submit their report. “Fair” is a dollar amount that both parties come to an agreement over. I’ve recently heard since after making this post that Olympus apparently has pretty much this exact thing. And “Continuous” means literally more than once. Once is an accident, once is an honest mistake. If you do it more than once then get this: It’s continuous. Meaning it’s purposeful and actionable. It’s not a very complicated suggestion, maybe try rubbing a couple brain cells together for it? Rolling Barricades were already previously a thing on this server for many years. I’m just suggesting they revert the rules on it back to what it used to be. The same thing they had for literal years. Again, if your brain wasn’t clouded by an ego hit you took from my post a year ago I feel you could more than likely comprehend this, considering this post has had only positive feedback until right now. And seems evident to everyone here that your primary motivation behind your “feedback” is trying to up the score about something that nobody besides you remembers, who knows maybe you go to sleep every night and have nightmares about the day rando called your suggestions dogwater. Clearly there is inherent risk on the player choosing to try to pit maneuver/rolling barricade. If successful then great, obviously the player who got rolling barricaded isn’t going to be happy because they just lost their items but that’s life. They’ll get over it, or maybe if they’re you they’ll cling onto that for a year. If the player initiating the rolling barricade causes either loss of Life or Property (destruction of vehicle) then they have the possibility to be banned yes. However, tied into my suggestion about the new compensation system they would have 10 minutes to come to an agreement with the player they wronged to provide fair compensation. Failing to due so will result in the player submitting a player report on them. It’s a pretty simple concept, I hope my thorough explanation was enough. Again, continued is more than once. Also not a very complicated thing to wrap your head around. The “continuously” clause of the proposed VDM criteria is aimed to stop mass VDMers. Someone may run you over once on accident, under current rules even if you let them stand up and no harm happens to them and they lose nothing you can still be banned. Obviously if there’s a player who is repeatedly running you over, not even giving you the chance to stand up, then that is bannable. Oh and incase you were confused, “repeatedly” is a synonym for “continuously.” And “significant time lost” under the VDM criteria is aimed at stopping mass VDMers, if someone runs you over repeatedly (or continuously) then that is preventing you from playing the game, thus: Significant Time Lost. Well you can’t ram a persons ifrit just because they’re shooting you, that is because a player cannot shoot from inside their ifrit. My proposal was you have the right to try to use your vehicle as a weapon against the PLAYER who is currently shooting at you. Also it’s not hard to avoid getting hit with a car, anybody who has played a significant amount of time in Kavala dealing with mass VDMers knows how easy it is to avoid getting hit. Mainly because of vehicles lack of ability to make sharp turns. I very much doubt this would be any significant issue to anyone, seemingly most of the player base agrees as well considering their positive reactions to this post. Get this, someone even brought it up in the community meeting. Again for the 3rd time, continuous means anything more than once. Once can be an accident, anything more than once is purposeful and continued. So with downing, the loss of significant time would be the time you were unconscious due to multiple (continuous) downings. I was doing you a favor by not answering this questions. Anyone who can’t understand a post like this is either 1: retarded, or 2: so blinded by a rage held in for a year over a reply with 8 words. But really I was doing you a favor by not answering these. You already embarrassingly exposed yourself as holding a grudge against that evil guy rando who (like everyone else on your forum post) disagreed with almost every single suggestion you had. I hope this cleared things up for you, it was already a pretty well thought out and thorough explained post but I supposed it might’ve been hard to comprehend it when all your blood is rushing to that vein on your forehead that’s about to burst due to the one time rando called your suggestions dogwater.
  6. lmao im still in ur head from this it was a year ago man, move on.
  7. This server is dead bro. In large part due to the fact that player reports have been weaponized. Rules are too strict and too fucking lame. When there's more people getting ban messages in chat than players connected to the server then there's a problem with your rules. COMP All players should have 10 minutes after harming another player's experience due to them breaking the rules to fairly compensate them. After wronging a player you have 10 minutes to negotiate a fair price for compensation, if a fair price cannot be met then a player report will be submitted. Prior to submitting a player report, a player should remain on the server for 10 minutes. During that 10 minutes the player should attempt to settle with the player who wronged them by negotiating a fair price for compensation. If negotiation of a fair price for compensation cannot be met or the 10 minutes after the incident has passed then the player can submit a player report. Currently this server has a problem with player reports being weaponized, here is an example: There is 2 players: Player A Player B Player A hates Player B. Player B makes an honest mistake and accidentally RDMs Player A. Player A immediately disconnects to prevent Player B from sending them comp because they would rather get Player B banned. If you disconnect before 10 minutes or otherwise deny compensation then your player report should be invalid. VDM Bring back rolling barricades Using your vehicle to stop another vehicle shouldn't be considered VDM if: The driver/passengers are not harmed The vehicle is not destroyed New VDM criteria To submit a VDM report the following criteria should be met: A player struck either you, or your vehicle with their vehicle Resulted in the loss of: Life - You died as a result of their VDM Property - Your vehicle was destroyed as a result of their VDM Monetary Gain - Their VDM prevented you from obtaining a monetary gain (IE: You're running to a suitcase of dropped cash and someone runs you over, preventing you from getting it Significant Time - You being prevented from playing the game due to a player continuously VDMing you, making you lose time Allowing players to use their vehicle as a weapon against players who are currently shooting at them If you are in a vehicle and another player is currently shooting at you then you should be allowed to use your vehicle as a weapon against them, even if they're not currently blocking your path of travel. This is enabling the choice of either Fight or Flight. Some people will opt to fight which has more risk on their part because they're getting closer to the person shooting at them. Other people will opt for flight and attempt to evade, both are perfectly realistic choices which should be allowed here as well. RDM Accidentally downing a player (and suffering no consequences from the time being unconscious) should not be enforced for RDM. Like my above suggestion for the VDM criteria the RDM criteria should be the same: Life - You died as a result of their RDM Property - Your vehicle was destroyed as a result of their RDM Monetary Gain - Their RDM prevented you from obtaining a monetary gain (IE: You're running to a suitcase of dropped cash and someone downs you, preventing you from getting it Significant Time - You being prevented from playing the game due to a player continuously downing you, making you lose time So if you were downed, but were never restrained, never missed out on an opportunity for monetary gain, and didn't lose a significant amount of time (due to being downed more than once) then you shouldn't have any need to make a player report. When you ban people for stupid shit you do realize they just go play Olympus right? and dont be a little bitch and lock my post immediately i know how u shallow ego bitches are
  8. Fitz got that dawg in him
  9. Yo first one I’m not banned from attending!!!
  10. Isn’t there a 15 minute cooldown after a cartel is captured to 100%
  11. i cant even spawn in my kavala square houses when the stashhouse is red. shits like 800m away wtf
  12. This just sounds like asylum exchange but with extra steps.
  13. also if there’s an rdmer on the roof there’s literally no way to kill them because there’s no buildings tall enough to give you a sight on someone up there.
  14. That bright night probably the best thing on here. Never using NVGs again.
  15. maybe like 20 seconds to perform a search on a vehicle for explosives then maybe a talent named like "Bomb Squad" in order to actually disarm it.
  16. On the Market app on the phone can you add the weights of all the items beside the sell price. There's always times when I want to know how much a certain item weighs, specifically when calculating how much money an inventory of a specific item would cost. Or if there's not room to put the weight beside the price then maybe make it display as a tooltip when you hover over the item? It would just be nice to be able to see the weight of every item is all.
  17. @Akula can you comment on the allegations against you? Are you a scammer?
  18. i like the idea, i do not like ur version of it tho. just doesn't match the style of the rest of the site.
  19. all facts no fib you boys gotta double the brightness of this “bright night” aye yo while you’re at it can you smooth the transition from when brightnight kicks in. It ruins my immersion
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