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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latency_(engineering)
  2. My tickets get replied to within 2-3 hours? Are you even posting on the right forum and not on habbo.com or such?
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Anton. You guys may know me as; Anton, Anthony Carter, Redbull Rebel or Kermit. I've been playing here since 2015 and have been a prestigious little shit in the past. I have obviously grown older since then, hitting 25 in about a month and I can't stop but cringe about my post history. I have been banned because of some immature actions since 2018 which has been successfully appealed as of 2 days ago. To everyone I have ever offended, my deepest sincere apologies. Especially to @Zoex for making intolerable insults towards him. I hope to see each and everyone of you on the battlefield again. May we strike a conversation and part ways without robberies/murders happen
  4. why did Alec the spaz even get booted off Admunes
  5. The fuck you removing your like for
  6. > outplays droids > looks through walls > memelord > xd gucci tho
  7. Name [IGN] - THE WESTERNUNION ACCOUNTANT Arma 3 Hours - 4300 Why should we accept you? - good memes, good shots, big big roleplayer Who can vouch for you? - @Adam Edgar probs? Previous Gangs - Primitive, Imperium, Dark Horse Military Any further comments? - hi nibbas
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