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  1. Likely yeah to all, atm still planning on paring down the illegal options, but we’ve got some stuff cooking for other metas, in the future we’ll make sure things evenly distributed
  2. We will see if there is a better way to do this in the future
  3. People seem to constantly tell me they dont want to grind anymore. If these sentiments suddenly shift then we can use this as a framework
  4. I already did this I was just trolling you
  5. We are going to be looking at an economical shift in a fundamental way, at this point we want to promote interactions. Once these changes have occured we can take another look at things
  6. Fitz

    Vehicle Ideas

    So I understand that other servers have some of this content, we are going to be looking in the future to a better way to implement the Impound Lot idea to make it such that you will have access to some end game vehicles. In terms of the SUVs and Jeeps sucking, I'll take a look
  7. Fitz


    I agree with what Big Fart said, at its current standing login bonuses do not keep up with inflation, and well kinda suck. We will look into how to better this system as we move forward
  8. This is a good suggestion that we will keep in mind when moving forwards
  9. Fitz

    Enriched Uranium

    This is a good idea that we are going to take into account. Most of our feedback seems to be centered around less activities not more, we will continue to keep all of this feedback in mind moving forwards
  10. Dropping some questions in here, closing on Wednesday night.
  11. I'm going to try and address what everyone seems so kerfuffled about, and which I understand for the most part. This is the exact issue that we as a community have had forever, its the same as politics. The loudest people are the ones who get heard. I add something and either people tell me they like it, or they complain about it, then we change it so try and help out the guys who didn't like it, and then the other guys tell me they hate it. We had a community meeting three weeks ago, where I laid out exactly what I was going to be doing for this patch, I removed the tiers because people thought they were confusing, I reworked the Nikolais because people didnt like boat combat, I moved the stash houses because people said they were too close to the cities, and after I do that, people tell me they liked it the other way. It is great that you guys have opinions about stuff, but when you dont articulate them I'm not sure what you expect to happen. I said it to anyone that would listen when I got contributor that I was not afraid to try new things to see how they worked, we get feedback, and then we change things accordingly, but at the end of the day I canot divine what people want to be the gameplay, because rebels want more rebel stuff, cops want more cop stuff, grinders want more grind, city rats want city stuff, and then I try and cater to some of these groups and everyone else gets pissed off. Nothing is half thought through, the prestige tiers were discussed for 6 weeks with the devs and the sas before they were added, and a similar time frame for removal, theres maybe 5 of us who are trying to boost the pop and carry this community through a tough time. I don't see any of these complaints in the suggestions forums, I dont see them in my dms. If you want something done or have an idea say it, if you support something say it, I envision patching again in the next week to rectify what seems to be an incredible amount of unhappiness, I'll be putting some polls up in the discord, if you want your voice heard, make it heard.
  12. Craftable ones
  13. Hotfix #1: Fixed cops being in godmode at Casino (Ill take it on this one) Scotch maybe breaking at one point The prowler at impounds spawning in the ground APD prowlers being able to be stolen OP guns not being on the exchange Suppressors being dropped for not having the prestige tiers Being able to hack the casino tables without the gate being breached Someone maybe being able to exploit the prestige comps
  14. Of course Chris Peacock, the person who started it gets 700k when they complete the event, same as with other shipping robberies. Again as chow said I’ll move the spawn so it’s slightly higher. I would strongly encourage you to not be in restraints when you complete the event. Fucking unplayable
  15. You only have a little less than I do, again it gains naturally in SMALL numbers, previous to this it was only used for the talent system, hence why you can now craft for 35k at a time, we'll see how it goes to see if we wanna make one that makes more than 35k for more stuff
  16. Sure, at the moment you can see your experience per side on myAsylum (That was a link). You gain experience in small numbers from doing everything in the game, gathering, cartels, etc. But the biggest amount is going to be with the XP drive crafting. I'm sure Leroy and Co will have them up on the exchange soon
  17. Found a bug? Click here to file a bug report! Got some development ideas? Click here! Community Message: Hello Everyone, we have exciting news with the latest patch. We are thrilled to introduce new features, challenges, and opportunities to make your Asylum experience even more thrilling. Whether you're an old player returning or a new face in our community, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. Here's what's coming your way: Added: Casino Heist Since the opening of the Athira Casino, the Asylum Casino near Sofia has fallen on hard times. A nearby Cherokee businessman has taken over the casino and is now running an illegal gambling ring. With more than 5 APD officers online place a demo charge on the front gate of the casino. After 5 minutes the charge will detonate and you will be able to enter the Casino proper Place USB Viruses on the three illegal casino tables inside, and wait 7.5 minutes for the virus to bring the defenses down. Place a drill on vault door, 7 minutes later you will have access to the illegal gold. The Cherokees have strict security, they will fucking body slam anyone who tries to bring something higher than .45 in caliber into their casino. Trust me, you don't want any of that APD Impound Lot There is now a new tier for shipping robberies, this new tier allows you to deliver hard to obtain supplies to retrofit disabled vehicles at the APD impound lot. Activate “Vehicle Shipment” at Chop Shop NPC for 55k Safely deliver the vehicle to the APD Impound Lot Deliver to NPC, and secure the compound for ten minutes. After successfully defending the compound an armed Prowler will spawn on the upper deck, free to use for the restart. You will also be paid for your efforts. Beware, the APD are also given two armed prowlers to hunt you down. Shipping cops required Level 1-> 4, Level 2 ->5, Level 3->6, Level 4->7 Virtual Crafting We have built out a new virtual crafting system to allow us to change the recipes around for our more high-powered weapons. These have been added to the NPCs at Black Market Production for use. The recipes for these weapon parts are as follow: (All ingredients are the processed forms unless otherwise stated.) All of these new alloys, metals, parts, and blueprints are able to be listed on the exchange. Advanced Gun Barrel: 5 Gunmetal, 10 Steel, 5 Iron Advanced Firing Pin: 2 Gunmetal, 10 steel, 5 iron, 5 uranium Advanced Gun Butt, 5 gunmetal, 10 rubber, 5 steel Gun Barrel: 5 steel, 5 iron, 5 brass Firing Pin: 2 Gunmetal, 10 steel, 5 iron, 5 uranium Gun Butt: 5 Steel, 5 rubber, 5 iron Forbidden Ingot: 15 gunmetal, 10 processed uranium, and 1 EXP drive Blueprint System There are now a number of blueprints that are part of elite crafting recipes, these are not consumed while crafting, these parts are crafted at the appropriate manufacturing location per tier. Advanced BP: 1 Elite Weapon semiconductor, 1 T4 civ token, 1 T3 civ token, 1 T3 cop tier, 1 CPU, 1 PSU. Intermediate BP: 1 Elite weapon semiconductor, 1 T2 civ token, 1 T1 civ token, 1 T1 cop token, 1 GPU, 1 Mobo Basic BP: 1 Mobo, 1 GPU, 1 CPU, 1 EXP drive New Crafting Recipes SPMG: Adv BP, 2 Advanced FP, 2 Adv Gun Butts, 2 adv barrels, 5 Gunmetals, 1 Forbidden Ingot Lynx: Adv BP, 2 Adv FP, 1 Adv Gun Butt, 3 Adv Barrels, 1 Forbidden Ingot Cyrus: Adv BP, 2 Adv FP, 2 Adv Gun Butts, 3 Adv Barrels, 1 Forbidden Ingot M320 LRR: Intmde BP, 1 Adv BP, 1 Adv Gun Butt, 2 Adv Barrels, 10 gunmetal Mar-10: Intmde BP, 1 Adp FP, 1 Adv Gun Butt, 1 Adv Barrel, 10 gunmetal Zafir: Basic BP: 2 Barrels, 1 Butt, 1 FP, 5 gunmetal RPG-32: Basic BP, 4 barrels, 1 butt, 1 FP, 10 gunmetal Bergen Backpack (Virtual Crafting Menu -> Use item) Reg BP, 10 brass, 10 bronze, 5 Shepard Hide Experience Drive Crafting There is now a craftable item which increases civ side experience. Bring the ingredients to the Black Market Production to craft, and then use to gain experience. Using the drive increased civ experience by 35,000 Recipe: 2 Rolex Watches, 10 Iron ingots, 1 10TB SSD New Minerals and Alloys Coal -> From mining/Jackhammering ->(No Processing) ->Sold at Commodities Zinc -> From mining/jackhammering -> (Mineral processor) -> Sold at Commodities Tin -> from mining/jackhammering ->(Mineral Pro) ->Sold at Commodities Bronze -> Copper/Zinc combined at Metals refinery ->Sold at Commodities Brass -> Copper/Tin combined at metals refinery ->Sold at Commodities Steel -> Coal and Iron Ingots combined at metals refinery ->Sold at Commodities Gunmetal -> Steel and unprocessed uranium at metals refinery -> Sold at commodities New Asylum Plus Skins New Asylum Plus skins courtesy of our top notch design team. Changed: Tempest and by hand default gathering speeds have been increased. Prestige Buff Redistributions With the removal of the prestige tiers we have redistributed all of the buffs and features to other portions of the game, primarily to the Civ/Cop EXP system. This is the same system which manages talent points and is added from almost every portion of the game. Below is the list of where we redistributed these buffs. Sale Buffs All Tier 4 Sale buffs now apply at more than 400,000 civ experience All Tier 3 Sale buffs now kick in at 300,000 civ xp Tier 2 Sale Buffs kick in at 200,000 civ xp Tier 1 Sale Buffs kick in at 100,000 civ exp APD discounts now apply at 300,000 cop exp for Tier 3 APD Tier 2 discounts now apply at 200,000 cop exp APD Tier 1 discounts now apply at 100,000 cop exp Speed Buffs (Auto Gathering Vehicles and by hand) 3% Faster (100,000 civ EXP) 5% Faster (300,000 civ EXP) 10% Faster (500,000 civ exp) 15% Faster (900,000 civ exp) Suppressors and mags (For Purchase at Rebel and Skip) 200,000 civ exp 5.56/.45 suppressors 300,000 civ exp 6.65 suppressors 5.7 suppressors 400,000 civ exp 6.65 LMG Suppressors Navid Mags M320 Mags 700,000 civ exp SPMG Mags Lynx Mags Type 115 50.Cal BW Mags Prestige Buff Compensation Procedure We are moving away from the prestige system as it stands, it has been a valuable lesson on implementing new content to the server, and we are going to rework it to make it cheaper, and more accessible for players. ALL PLAYERS WHO HAVE PRESTIGE TIERS ARE NOW ELIGIBLE FOR COMPENSATION. **TIER X IS REMAINING** How to get your comp? Civilian Go to any DMV NPC, (the one where you buy the licenses and unlearn talents) Scroll Wheel on "Refund Prestige Tiers", this will activate a short process to give you your CIV prestige comp The comp goes directly to your bank account, and can only be done once Cop Go to any APD gear NPC Scroll Wheel on "Refund Prestige Tiers", this will activate a short process to give you your COP prestige comp The comp goes directly to your bank account and can only be done once. Electric Chair Minimum bounty for electric chair $100,000 -> $200,000 Shaved off another 5 seconds Scotch now ages entirely in houses again National HQ now requires USB Virus for all steps CPUS now spawn at fed instead of mental Nikolais is now on land Civ tokens T1 and T2 now sell at Ivans for 100k, T3/T4 for 150k There is no longer an option for the APD to start a Nikolais robbery, the tokens spawn after the civs breach the vault No more boat for gold, it is now a truck Increased new player XP (no more talents) Increased new player bank account Fixed: Ifrits being unable to be upgraded Qilin MGs only being UC Not being able to seize out of SDVs Not being able to seize console frames Removed: Mental Asylum is temporarily disabled Hotfix #1: Fixed cops being in godmode at Casino (Ill take it on this one) Scotch maybe breaking at one point The prowler at impounds spawning in the ground APD prowlers being able to be stolen OP guns not being on the exchange Suppressors being dropped for not having the prestige tiers Being able to hack the casino tables without the gate being breached Someone maybe being able to exploit the prestige comps
  18. This seems to have gotten off topic, at this point we don’t have any desire to make someone be able to break into someone’s house. A small event thing like this might be possible with some of the other pieces we have in game currently. if you wanna get someone out of a house, blow it up
  19. Fitz

    Desert 6 Color

    Make a support request and I’ll take a look
  20. Fitz

    Changelog May

    It’s a per kilometer based payout, the stash houses are all closer to cities hence less distance. In a time/distance perspective you make about 2x for the illegal one
  21. Fitz

    Changelog May

    Not sure lol
  22. Asy+ will have their cars auto refuled and repaird
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