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  1. Pm me pics and offers. Willing to trade arms cartel houses
  2. - In-Game Name: Distinct - Timezone: Central GMT-6 - Age: 21 - ARMA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Asylum experience: MOST ARE FROM ASYLUM or KOTH/CARTEL SERVERS - How long have you played on the Asylum servers? Since 2016 - Previous Gangs: Imfamous - Clarity - FSA - Torment - Imperium > "NOT THE NEW ONES" - Why do you want to join Instinct?: To fight cartels 24/7 -Any members who can vouch for you, if so who: Not that I know
  3. Thanks, I remember your name, good to see so many people still here.
  4. Yea sounds familiar, anyways im sure we will see each other in game, once im in
  5. lmao we probably did, I was in many gangs, and played as a constable quite a bit. I dont remember to many people as its been almost 3 years. Cant wait to get back into it tho, im just finishing setting up my new gaming pc
  6. Did we ever play together?
  7. Thanks, it good to be back
  8. Most probably dont remember me, I played Asylum for 2 years and put over a thousand hours on this server alone. I had to sell PC for ticket fines etc. But after 2 years I finally built a nice new PC and gonna be playing again. I was in Divinty - Imfamous - Clarity - FSA - Torment - Imperium Cant wait to be back
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/id/distinctar/ The Elder Scrolls® Online: Tamriel Unlimited™ Because im a bum and own every other good game.
  10. In-Game Name: Distinct Age: 19 Timezone (NA/EU): NA Arma 3 Hours (screenshot): Bank Balance (screenshot): Do you have a mic and TeamSpeak: Of course Current and Past Gangs: Imfamous, Clarity, FSA, Torment, Imperium What do you have to offer? A knowledge chill player Do you have anyone that can vouch for you? Noobious, Hazmatic, ConnorK, maybe google buts its google so idk
  11. why should they believe us, were all a bunch of little shits
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