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  1. Tried to wire to a dead person recently shit was annoying
  2. This made me uncomfortable
  3. Looks visually appealing, so props to that. Not sure if you're serious about actually thinking that you would be charge of anything similar to this being implemented. I would love to see something like this in a city, would be an absolute clusterfuck of people running around and it would be awesome hahaha.
  4. |Cam|


  5. |Cam|

    UI change

    Not sure if this is possible but... Some things I wish I could double click instead of having to select then select another button/box. For example, retrieving cars from garage, adding/unadding talent points, setting your title. There are a few things I get why there is a sort of confirm / second click required but some things on the phone UI feel tedious and just take extra time when it doesn't need to. Also, why was criminal record removed as an option for APD? I remember this was a thing and it was removed?
  6. Miss u brotha come back 

  7. I want to be able to double click talents to learn and unlearn... please
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