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  1. Ha fuck if I know, I was just hoping there was a chance with more people to push a cartel without getting absolutely slaughtered. That wasnt it chief, lemme tell you
  2. Crackbaby

    Who Yall Got?

    Just watch... on the same day Olivia de Havilland dies of old age
  3. This kind of doesnt seem that productive, At least I get money for capping cartels... compared to the satisfaction of killing a fresh spawn over and over and over again until they spawn somewhere else... Idk maybe ill try it out
  4. Crackbaby

    Who Yall Got?

    Im a time traveler so I know the score is going to be Chiefs: 26 49ers: 32 They score the winning touchdown with 1:56 sec left in the 4th Quarter with Raheem Mostert
  5. Yea I went a little overboard saying its dying... haha But i just miss the events that used to happen, like the battle royals where you get dropped in DP10 and have a chance to win 500k or something like that... Bring that back
  6. More Events = Keeping dying server alive Also I want to be able to beat ? | Unknown and I think a literal tank is the only way... its fair because I heard they have tanks too
  7. The thing that bothers me is he is already clearly bloody before you shot him 2x with 7.62... *sad pepe*
  8. Dont make me post the videos I have in the archive of you @OLL13, Its about an hour long video...
  9. If its still listed tonight I might buy it
  10. Honestly, I think there should be more server events! +1 this motion
  11. Oh I really want this house ;( 300k?
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