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  1. Apply to industrial bank of plauge. We shut down the gang and merged with them. Forgot to close the applications down.
  2. How lmao. Rebel that close for cartels, weed not far, zaros easy cap. Shits nice.
  3. https://gyazo.com/be441d41eb6d9332b81fa63fa64abc61 quick easy drive to Zaros turf, weed processing, and rebel. Fully upgraded and has the greenhouse added. Starting auction at 8.5 M.
  4. My boi I’m new to asylum. Came from Olympus. Played with you maybe twice while I was in zenith. Had absolutely no idea till it was already done.
  5. Absolutely awful lawyer. Went in with a speeding ticket and now the APD have search my asshole for the supposed 18 kilos of bricks my lawyer said I had. Plus they seized my quad. Now I’m out a quad bike, 200K, and my asshole can fit 3 grown men’s fist in it. Would not recommend.
  6. Denied due to a lack of common sense. Feel free to Reapply if that improves.
  7. A prime example of that. Obviously accepted. Glad to run this shit with you.
  8. VOID Recruitment Bio: Void is a newer asylum gang created by a couple of long term Arma 3 players. We’ve played on Olympus and asylum both and settled here. We have a gang shed and a primary focus as a group on cartels, federal Events, and gang wars. If you don’t know of us yet, watch the map. You’ll see everything soon descend into the void. Application Below In game name - ( your discord name will need to be changed to your in game name if accepted) player ID - Age (must be 16+ and mature) - Arma 3 hours (Must have 1000+)- Arma 3 asylum hours (must have 200+)- How many hours per week can you put in approximately ? - Do you understand what this gang is about and what are focus is? If you do then are you willing and able to participate in these regularly? - What previous gangs were you in and why did you leave? - Why do you want to join and how could you benefit this gang by being a member? - Who referred you to this gang or asked you to join? - ——————————————— apply to “the industrial bank of plauge” gang was disbanded and we merged into them. Great group of guys and same mindset.
  9. When is this being sold? In need of one ASAP in that location.
  10. Age: 23 In-Game Name: Trapstar2121 Previous Gangs: Leader of Anon on Olympus, Leader of Apollyon on asylum. Ran with and created multiple gangs on asylum and olympus both. Vouchers: Doxino's my boy and been with me through a bunch of different groups over the years. Why do you want to join Zenith? Wanting a group thats more likeminded and wants to fight cartels, participate in gang wars, events, and other pvp oriented stuff. Picture of Arma3 Hours https://gyazo.com/27c977cc0a7e2f8e1fcb5506a51c099d
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