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  1. It's a RPG server afterall, keeps hearing complains from newcomers about RP server no RP.
  2. tacos_rule


    hmm...i guess the best uranium shed could worth 100m lol BTW do u know who own the shed right next to panagia rebel?
  3. tacos_rule


    I thought someone just bought it no more than 1 month ago
  4. Yo man would u mind telling me who did u sell that chop shop shed to? 

    I wanna send him offer for it.

  5. Willing to pay good money so PM me and name your price if you are willing to sell. Or a garage around DP25 will do as well
  6. Overpriced...so basically they don't want us to use it on ifrits and hunters.
  7. Willing to pay up to 80000 for both. Also if u have ammo for it, i'll take as many as possible at a reasonable price.
  8. 3 crates Coke House Server: 1 Large (long) House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 150k Location : 400m from coke processing site Asking Price:Offer price Description: 3 crates long house for coke processing, right outside of the red circle of the coke processing to the south. Also excellent position for sniping if u fancy robbery or BH. Pictures/Video Walk-through: 1 crate meth (Small) House House Size(40k/70k/150k/220k): 40k Location : 800m from meth lab Asking Price:Offer price Description: 1 crates small house for meth processing or robbery, perfect position for sneaking into meth lab from northwest on foot. Pictures/Video Walk-through:
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