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  1. https://gyazo.com/b4af2527b65e968a0d6366a4d2f2f6ea https://gyazo.com/6b426c26a497be25165cbf7b6a5ac16c https://gyazo.com/b7f636b95b57bc63e90a2b2d41ebf0bd anywhere in these three areas, if there is a shed for sale, hit me up
  2. Shrektacular

  3. DH JIG

    Gang Perks & Exp

    @Jesse any ideas or time range when we can expect to see infamy come back? i know me and a lot of friends are waiting for it desperately
  4. he probs tried to cap my cartel and i countered his ass
  5. @Samperino @YuSheng @MrChow @Invincible @Leroy Jenkins
  6. when writing this i understood none of this is possible for the dev team, but its just thoughts like what ifs. like i said before nothing to be serious about so no reason not to be ambitious gay
  7. I mean if you do this its not gonna bring people over, its gonna people who play server 2 go ahead and just quit since all their homes and progress are only on there. many people are already fed up with the current state of the mission file and lack of things to do, making it less diverse with only one server to play on will make most of the community on s2 go ahead and quit. I know personally that people who play mainly on server 2 are going to just flat out quit asylum the next time s2 shuts down. this has been done before and every time you wipe out nearly 15% of the community every time.
  8. just some random ideas for some cool content that could be added into the game or re-added, nothing to be taken serious just bored :/ 1. what if you could open up a bank account with the bank of altis and you could deposit money into it if you wanted, the risk would be if it gets robbed you would lose a small percentage of the money you put in, but the reward would be collecting interest from the bank depending on the amount put in. this would incentive's civ's to want to fight during the bank robberies and create a larger battle during them. 2. what if there was a radio app on your phone so you could go in it and input a youtube link to a song that would get queued and you could tune in and tune out music as you farm or traverse terrain while playing (maybe the queues on the app are specifically tied to people in the group or gang so that you dont have to hear randos input. it would work alot like the pip boy in fo76 where you could tune into a radio station while you play. there could also be a group system in the radio app where you have to have a certain password to tune into a persons radio channel.) 3. what if there was a role at the selection screen when loading in to be apart of the news station or something since i saw some people from peacekeeper gang trying to role play news broadcasters where they just get a steady paycheck as they play but get a camera of sorts and access to broadcast news on occasion through the 9news near kavala. (this could entail news helis and commercials or something just nifty) 4. what if there was a phone store in some of the main cities where you could trade in your phone depending on what role you were playing. it would kinda work where you could buy a "off the grid" phone (for rebels) where maybe it costs a few thousand dollars but it could give certain perks for rebels like having access to discounts, or maybe less chance of being able to be tracked by apb's by cops, kind of like a way to push back against police tracking perks. this could also work for bountyhunters where they can track phone calls to someones location to find out where their bounty was (like if a bounty hunter calls you and stays on the line for lets say 15+ seconds it gives a live feed or some kind of triangulation of where you may be) If you also have some cool most likely never to come of anything ideas you would like to share comment below
  9. https://gyazo.com/23f83d8e5fbe7a1fdf9b91bdb660d796 At what point does it stop guys! first they take our oil, then our drugs, AND NOW they want to have control over where WE RESPAWN!!! we need to bring this dictatorship to the ground! https://gyazo.com/23f83d8e5fbe7a1fdf9b91bdb660d796
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