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  1. Added Clarification on initiation to include texting all cops/medics is not valid initiation: No type of initiation may be done through direct chat, side chat, 911/311, or vehicle via typing. All initiation must be done with your voice or via text message to a specific player. No change to current rule, clarification only.
  2. Added gating vehicles : Closing a gate on a vehicle causing it to explode that results in the death of other players is considered VDM. This rule has been held by admins but was not written before.
  3. Updated/Reworded BH rules - No changes here. It is not intended for you, your gang, or known associates to profit from your bounty as a bounty hunter. This is considered bounty sharing. Profiting from your own bounty will result in money being removed and possible action being taken.
  4. Updated Illegal areas/red zones post : Added: Uranium Mine, Nuclear Power Plant, Evidence Lockup, Cartels Updated: Prison, RV (made it visible) Removed: Skiptracer
  5. Added: Asylum aggression system Red = Dead A player would appear red to you if they have done damage to you or a group mate recently. Players will also turn red for shooting and hitting vehicles you are in. If your gang is at war with another gang members of the rival gang will appear red. If you are in a group with non gang mates the player you are at war with will not appear red to them and you must shoot first before they are allowed to engage. This is now written as the previous post containing the aggression system was deleted from the forums.
  6. Currently you can find updates on this post ^
  7. 22 Hours left to sign up for the giveaway!
  8. Fuck that @antho would be a nightmare.
  9. About the giveaway: Signup to the new giveaway group on Discord by 10/02/2020 for a chance to win the Cost Guard Orca Skin. About the new giveaway group: adding yourself to the giveaway group will allow you to be notified of new giveaways when they are created. This will keep our @everyone mentions to a minimum. Type : ?rank giveaway to add yourself to this group. It can be sent in #dyno-bot-spam If you wish to see notifications for this in the future. Follow the directions above. How it all works: 1 winner will be picked at random after entry perio
  10. I'm all for crafting making a comeback and being expanded, There are folks out there that want to be able to craft everything and i'm one of them. However "kajmans" . That's a hard pass. As Henry said we are limited to what we can offer to donors from bohemia. Something as simple as hatchback sports on cop and debit cards spawning in your inventory for donors made heads explode over there, for a 7 year old game. As to unique rewards from the quest system, I'm hopeful that is something that would be included even if its something simple like a shirt skin and then maybe have som
  11. +1 to Insurance, Air Garages, Vehicle Spawns at boat shops, Labeling BH, Lethals for spar, expansion to crafting, Gas stations robberies, and new money making. -1 Phone calls , Fuck that aids 0 The garage sort idea i like but something tells me that would be rough to code out. Aircraft for civs - Jets would basically just be a money sink trying to think of practical aircraft nothing really comes to mind that we don't already have. VTOL? very few people can actually fly those things.
  12. You bastards shot my hover board down
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