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  1. sry i should send a msg instead, not sure how to delete this,so i modified it

  2. Update added to Real Estate A player may only own 5 houses per server. Attempting to bypass this will result in removal of houses with no comp provided. Continuing to bypass will result in disciplinary action being taken.
  3. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    There's a Hitler Steve? No i've not seen this side of the man. I'm curious now.
  4. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    If you've ever talked to steve you simply can't hate him. Too nice of a dude. But we're gonna have to come up with a solution to his love of nades.
  5. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    Does he ever hit people with those nades tho? I've had him chuck 8+ at my ass and missed every one.
  6. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    Ya'll know Im not much of a cartel warrior. But you'd think this would be right up @Steve 's alley. Where you at man?
  7. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    Gang Wars? I think someone has something in the works for that last I heard.
  8. Leady

    Admins of ASY?

    Admins would love to host events. The issue is since v2 the majority of events admins could do were broken due to code changes. The admins who used to make those scripts for events like Smirnoff and Pad have moved on from the community. And with the tools admins currently have hosting events today would be far more difficult than in V1. That said we are looking at adding a system for admin events to make this easier. The most popular suggestions were CSGO, King of the Hill, Gun game, and Demolition derby (this is one we can technically host now but is a pain in the ass to get everyone to the event). If there are events you've seen in the past on Asylum or other communities let us know and we can look into them.
  9. Support apps will remain open until Tuesday 4/7 @ 2259 CST . Remember this may be the first impression admins have of you. The time and effort you put into your application doesn't go unnoticed. Apply Here Good luck to all those who apply.
  10. An Asylum Update: Server 2 is now online. As was posted before it was taken offline all houses you owned previously on S2 will still be there if you didn't sell and have had their leases extended by 30 days. We are still evaluating an uptime schedule for it. If both servers continue to have a healthy population you will likely see it online majority of the time. AFD: If you missed it Congratulations to @Bread who has taken over the Chief role of the AFD. They will have an announcement in the coming days regarding a new Assistant Chief. @Sky Thank you for all the time you put into the AFD as Chief and before. From the start of the AFD sky was a major help in getting the faction off the ground and to where it is today. APD: effective today we have removed the role of Chief of Police. Thank you @Samperino for your service. Samp will continue to be an admin and hold the rank of retired captain. As was done with the AFD we will be transitioning the APD into a non admin led faction. The plan right now is to continue to have Darkknight and Rafael run the day to day operations of the APD and not bring on an additional captain. That said I will be temporarily coming out of retirement to help see them both through this phase. They will still be handling all the normal cpt duties with myself being available if and when they need me as they take on the additional COP responsibilities. In regards to the APD and server 2 they will not be splitting into PCTs and will just run 1 APD over both servers. As Jesse posted in the last update thread today SWAT is still very much in the works but had been pushed back a bit to get S2 online. Support Apps will be opened on Friday 4/3. A post will go up in the afternoon with a format/location to post your applications. We wish you the best of luck! As to the future dev plans there are some new and interesting ideas floating around. Hopefully we'll have more to share with you regarding those in the coming weeks. In the meantime keep submitting your ideas on the suggestion and feedback topic we regularly check there for community driven content. - Asylum Staff
  11. First off we wanted to congratulate @YuSheng and @HomeTrlx for completing their mod period they are now full fledged admins. We've also had some recent retirements from the admin team: @Padrinos, @Jbdragon, @MoralityVII, @Roice. Thank you guys for putting in all the time you have over the years. In and out of game you have made positive impacts on the community that will live on. o7 boys Next up, congratulations are in order for our newest round of moderators: @antho @Ethan Darrell @Louie @Mayhem @Sky Moderators love PM's so feel free to shoot them messages with anything you may need. Lastly, if you think you have what it takes and are looking to give back to the community we will be opening support apps in the near future. - Asylum Staff
  12. We get to them as we can, typically no report stays open for more than a day or two. Be patient we will get to it.
  13. Some Notes: Distance between Pyrgos and Bank is very similar to Athira HQ and proposed bank. Athira HQ has the rebel advantage of being less than 3k from either Sofia Rebel or Athira Rebel so adds the possibility of being able to gear up and push back just like cops can. The bank does sit down just slightly for Athira, there are various areas along the coast with rock cover that range from 600m-1K that can be used for cover and have a pretty good shot on bank roof, but you will notice some more signs that are non penetrable to compensate for that. Lighthouse is the same distance at Pyrgos and Athira bank.
  14. Leady

    Leady wtf?

    @bigjohn561 is the guy I think you need to talk to spoon. Fucking apples everywhere man.
  15. It's called vip in the clothes shop. Looks really good.
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