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  1. Some Notes: Distance between Pyrgos and Bank is very similar to Athira HQ and proposed bank. Athira HQ has the rebel advantage of being less than 3k from either Sofia Rebel or Athira Rebel so adds the possibility of being able to gear up and push back just like cops can. The bank does sit down just slightly for Athira, there are various areas along the coast with rock cover that range from 600m-1K that can be used for cover and have a pretty good shot on bank roof, but you will notice some more signs that are non penetrable to compensate for that. Lighthouse is the same distance at Pyrgos and Athira bank.
  2. Leady

    Leady wtf?

    @bigjohn561 is the guy I think you need to talk to spoon. Fucking apples everywhere man.
  3. It's called vip in the clothes shop. Looks really good.
  4. Let me start off by thanking @Jake for putting in the work and dealing with the hardships that launching a new faction brings. Due to IRL commitments Jake will be stepping down from the Chief role effective immediately. Our goal has always been to have the AFD become a non admin run faction. With that please join me in welcoming @Sky as the new AFD Chief. Sky has been instrumental in helping us get policies in place and has some great ideas to continue moving the AFD forwards. Replacing Sky as Assistant Chief will be @Master27411 Congratulations to both of you, make us proud!
  5. We've made a clarification to the rules regarding entering another players house. Going forward, Dropping Y inventory to prevent other players from climbing ladders, entering doors, or to block roadways is not allowed. We have also updated the rule around VDM ***Intentional*** contact between vehicles is not allowed and will be treated as VDM. Example: If someone is in a IFRIT, and a hatch back rams into their side, back, or front on purpose, they will be held accountable for VDM regardless if the IFRIT was destroyed or disabled.
  6. Welcome our newest Support Team members: @antho @Eduardo @Ethan Darrell @Louie @Nick @Raza @Sky Make sure to send them any questions you have! - Asylum Staff
  7. We've increased the signature size limitations to accommodate the new banners or what ever else you'd like to have stretched across your signature...
  8. Welcome to our new moderators! @BlackShot @HomeTrlx @YuSheng Be sure to message them with any questions you might have.
  9. Thanks for everything Clint. You, Bada, and Jesse brought this community back from the brink. Us old timers appreciate that you guys stepped up and turned things around. Enjoy retirement but don't be a stranger, there's people to be spangled.
  10. Something that has been suggested many times is removing the pay out/bounty clear for lethals. I would be interested to see how that plays out. Could go along way to reducing their use.
  11. Yesterday was the first full day of the AFD being released in a working state. We were able to identify a couple of minor issues and 1 major issue that were relayed to the Devs. IMO none of the issues found are game breaking or would prevent one from enjoying their time as a medic. I've encouraged the Chiefs to open up interviews, but as Jake stated it wont be a flood gate at first. The more people that you bring in the more issues that will be found, to ensure they are reported and handled promptly small waves of interviews seems like the best solution.
  12. Leady

    Farewell All

    o7 Jesse. Thank you for all the work you've put into Asylum and will probably continue to do from time to time.
  13. Still doesn't give you access to the house inventory, you would have access to a dead guy on the floor the medic was going to revive.
  14. But they can honk at you!
  15. 0.o They can revive you when you die in your locked house now.
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