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  1. 22 Hours left to sign up for the giveaway!
  2. Fuck that @antho would be a nightmare.
  3. About the giveaway: Signup to the new giveaway group on Discord by 10/02/2020 for a chance to win the Cost Guard Orca Skin. About the new giveaway group: adding yourself to the giveaway group will allow you to be notified of new giveaways when they are created. This will keep our @everyone mentions to a minimum. Type : ?rank giveaway to add yourself to this group. It can be sent in #dyno-bot-spam If you wish to see notifications for this in the future. Follow the directions above. How it all works: 1 winner will be picked at random after entry period has ended on 10/02/2020. To enter; discord users must be a member of the giveaway group and have responded to the Asylum Giveaway bot with the correct emote in the #giveaway channel. Winners will be contacted via Discord PM to obtain their prizes. Good luck to all! Edit: Looking to get a widget of some sort on the forums to announce what the current giveaway is, for now will just be updating this post.
  4. I'm all for crafting making a comeback and being expanded, There are folks out there that want to be able to craft everything and i'm one of them. However "kajmans" . That's a hard pass. As Henry said we are limited to what we can offer to donors from bohemia. Something as simple as hatchback sports on cop and debit cards spawning in your inventory for donors made heads explode over there, for a 7 year old game. As to unique rewards from the quest system, I'm hopeful that is something that would be included even if its something simple like a shirt skin and then maybe have some bigger rewards towards the end of it.
  5. +1 to Insurance, Air Garages, Vehicle Spawns at boat shops, Labeling BH, Lethals for spar, expansion to crafting, Gas stations robberies, and new money making. -1 Phone calls , Fuck that aids 0 The garage sort idea i like but something tells me that would be rough to code out. Aircraft for civs - Jets would basically just be a money sink trying to think of practical aircraft nothing really comes to mind that we don't already have. VTOL? very few people can actually fly those things.
  6. You bastards shot my hover board down
  7. This change was made due to players hiding in sandbags, un-openable cargo containers , placed objects ect to hold cartel caps and keep the fed active. As to broken walls admins have a directive of use good judgement. IE: someone is in kavala chillin under a broken wall not doing anything just ignore. If we start to see a trend of players taking advantage of this we can revisit this rule.
  8. Burn it to the ground. My response is basically same as Masons. Our understanding is this is to be done very rarely and in extreme circumstances. Also : *This only applies to vehicles that have entered than left the federal reserve. * Should be "then" . On a serious note if this becomes a problem policy can be changed. As to the OP's question of why, going to be blunt. CEO robs the fed multiple times a day, often with overwhelming numbers and armor. The APD has just about all the 'toys' we can give them. There are Dev things that can be done to limit the fed further (Longer cool downs, reduce gold spawned, raise number of cops, worse systems for civs to have to counter ect...) but that would no doubt hamper the smaller, newer groups looking to do a federal reserve robbery. This is why I personally am OK with this policy change, its a way for the APD to combat in this case, CEO without taking dev time and impacting the avg player. I've said it to the Devs and to the Cpts. I hate seeing and making changes because of 1 group but at the end of the day its to try to make some kind of economy balance. *Prepares for the pitch forks*
  9. Does this mean i'm officially Vol? Cause i'm A-OK with that. @Mason Grats on becoming the one who shall not be named.
  10. Added: APD Officers (Cadet Thru Captain) are not allowed to drive Tempests, Hemmts, or Box trucks involved in federal reserve robberies for any reason.
  11. c'mon reap you know we all hate each other. While no idea if this is true i did laugh more than i should have
  12. Whoa, whoa whoa I've only got 3/6 of the qualifications. #unqualified.
  13. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming our new Moderators: @Kelly @Nick @Elijah @Natha @Renegade (NotRoguePilot) @Raza @Heidelberg Also wanted to welcome to the support team @Issac Do us proud!
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