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  1. Wait what am I getting banned from? And no lie I am a trash player.
  2. Not to mention 1.12 Rag had been nerfed into the ground compared to original release, and it would appear the guild who downed him used an exploit to level quicker than would be normally able(has since been hotfixed).
  3. We spend the day yesterday fighting cartels. After the first fight facing shot guns we quickly ditched our 7.62's. After cartel fighting we teamed up with DS and did a prison and bank shotgun only. The carnage. 2 slugs to a ghost hawks engine mid flight took it out, I was able to 1 tap @Samperino out of his strider from the side/back window with a slug and if you've fought with or against me, you know i'm a patato. Hunter/ifrits are pretty much the same, load slugs end the driver. While there is a lag between firing and dying especially with the pellets I just don't see slugs being any better for the server. Fun yes, balanced? not even close. When @DS_Billy says "Leady, this isn't okay is it?" you know its bad.
  4. Leady

    V2 feedback

    Going to cover a few items in a sort of Q and A manner and throw in some +1's, (possible spoilers at the end) A quick loadout button has been asked for before, Would be a nice touch. These won't be in v2 upon the release, they are among the features that will be added in as we go along. Everything pertaining to medics/reviving/cop medics will be looked at and evaluated as we get closer to white-listed medics. I've heard a few people talk about the orca and its flying, i've been unable to recreate these issues and had others test with no luck. I couldn't find anything in the recent SpotREP to suggest any changes to how orca's fly. Gangs can already own garages, are you suggesting a garage in addition to a house, and vice versa? Scotch needed more risk. We tried by making barley illegal but that didn't even put a dent in sales. By far scotch makes more money compared to every other method on the server with very little risk and being a passive operation for the most part. Option A was to nuke its price into the ground, but the decision was made to try this out, you might see a few more people robbing at distillery, or cops checking it a bit more but should still be a good money maker. Default inventory should def be 1, I don't know how many times I've thought I stored something just to find out later i didn't lol. I'm hoping debit cards just has to do with the fake database the test server is using. It doesn't have loot crate rewards for that same reason +1 on siren Gang houses I think it should depend on the gang rank. Lets say level 4 you can spawn at the house and unlock the doors, Level 3 you can spawn at the house and have keys. I'd say replacing user action 3 with it. As currently "T" serves the function to access virtual inventory. No reason for 2 hotkeys for 1 function Vehicle mods have been talked about and are being looked at, what kind of upgrades would you like to see? Tow ropes - For the love of almighty yes please! My repo business thanks you. I would love to see a life server on the Livonia map. With V2 seeming to be stable expand server slots back to 100 (and beyond) To finish off, a bit of hype that some many not know yet We are looking into adding a Casino on the Island in the future as the lottery just doesn't have the flair it once did. - May the odds be ever stacked against you. White-listed medics are coming Better rewards for higher risk operations. (Think old skip-tracer) Overall I think V2 is shaping up quite nicely. Im excited and hopeful to see a server full not lag out. For me it's the small details that are making this, like the better police lights, more RP clothing, additional legal firearms and of course the most important item: Tractors. The amount of work the Dev's have put in, especially over the last few days, is nothing short of astonishing. I can't say thank you enough to them. Here's to brighter days in Asylum!
  5. Added a poll to this to see how people are feeling about the new UI
  6. I wouldn't call it shitty admining. I got the point they were trying to extend the fight. An idea for future events like this : have the cops who died and can't come back spawn pygros. Once the timer is up the phones are restored and those cops in pygros can respond as the reinforcement. The rebels then have to act quickly to kill the remaining cops and get the person out instead of having infinite time to mass and overwhelm with numbers otherwise they'll be faced with cops attacking from within and the outside as well. If the cops get there in time and clear out the rebels they win. If the rebels get the guy out and to the predetermined location they win.
  7. Boat was fine good plan actually. The change was going from hold until x minutes. Cops held for that time and then some. Then the goal post got moved : now you 4 cops have to clear out 8-10 rebels in the compound oh yeah they can keep coming back as long as that guy in the deer stand never pushes or dies lol.
  8. The event itself was fine, it was as the event was ending the rules were changed to ensure a rebel victory that is what got the apd into a tizzy. After that those who were in the "event" group decided to do a prison. Instead of slamming our heads against the wall I took the officers out to the salt flats and held an apd only pawnee event. Officers who wished to go to the prison were allowed but not required. As to the late night prison, We were in an active situation already and there was no one in the prison to break out. Same call as before, feel to respond if you wish otherwise you can continue our pursuit. One officer did respond a couple times but was killed each time and eventually rejoined our situation. I can tell you the park rangers online had a way better time chasing that squirrel.. I mean Ifrit.
  9. 7.62 has become a staple at this point and I don't see it leaving any time soon (ever). Not allowing officers to be in gangs just doesn't make sense. There are already heavy repercussions for showing favoritism to gang mates while on cop. As to the element of surprise. Everyone knows what cops are going to do 90% of the time. Zerg until the enemy resolve is broken and they overwhelm them. Prison changes are in the works. Renaming bounty hunters, What you are suggesting would simply eliminate bounty hunting and replace it with a whole new profession. Bounty hunting scumbags are important balance to keep the law breakers in check while there are no apd officers available.
  10. Blake : *speaking at 10,000 words per min to a suspect who just fought cops for an hour and has zero rp other than "Fuck you* OKAY SIR HERE ARE YOUR CHARGES WOULD YOU LIKE PAROLE
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