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  1. Added rule around Gov system: The Governor system is intended to be a server wide feature that allows anyone to run for and hold the position. The rule is that you, or any member of your gang cannot hold office more than once in a 30 day period. Any attempt to circumvent this 30 day requirement such as leaving the gang etc will be considered exploiting. It's imperative that we work to ensure that this server feature is not cornered by one or two groups of people. The team of staff reserves the right to review and judge as needed. If we feel that your actions, group, or gang status was changed to exploit this feature. You are liable for administrative action being taken against you.
  2. +1 weekend event rather than full time. Also Tanoa with jets but limited to 2/3 per side.
  3. Leady

    New Mods

    Please join us in welcoming @CoffeeTea @DarkKnight @Donald @Goody @[email protected]@[email protected] to the staff team. They will spend the next few weeks getting familiar with the ticket system and getting caught up on reports. Feel free to reach out to any of them for your Asylum needs. - Asylum Team
  4. We appreciate the feedback around this issue. We will be keeping the timer as is for now.
  5. A concern brought to us by the Cpts is that there is not enough time between federal events. It was suggested we increase the time greatly to allow for several things: - Actually ending the fighting - Collect all suspects and return to an HQ - Process all suspects - To return to Patrol The benefits suggested would be: Allow more time for civilians to fight each other, rather than cops. Bring risk back to running of illegal items as APD would have additional time to patrol these areas. Give more opportunities for spontaneous combat to occur rather than scripted events. suggested downsides: Large groups looking to make money from bank/fed/lockup would have to wait much longer to do so. If your group mate is sent to jail from a federal event, completely eliminates the opportunity to break them of jail. Greatly increasing the time would obviously be a major change to how the server currently functions. And before we make any decision around this we wanted feedback from all sides in the community. Please vote in the poll, and give your thoughts on the topic. (And yes I am aware the federal reserve cool down is currently broken)
  6. Myself, Mitch, and Rogue all were able to be hit by 7.62 while in the drivers seat being fired at the glass. I'm not sure if the Asylum server has a different armor value but def worth looking into.
  7. Don't Disagree. There were ideas that post testing, which would of been cpt only that it might get moved to swat or other ranks. It would have to thoroughly tested before that was to happen though.
  8. As the first sentence states: "Cpts reasons behind their requests" These are their own guidelines/reasons they've proposed for the vehicles use.
  9. Adding some info about the Marid from our testing and the Cpts reasons behind their request: 10 Crew total - 1 Driver, 1 Commander, 8 Passengers. Driver/Command disembark via their respective sides. 8 Passengers all exit at the rear door. 6 Tires - 1.5 Mags of 6.5+ to Destroy wheel, .5 mag of 6.5+ to deflate. Wheels are fairly weak and hitting any obstacle at half speed or greater (IE: chicken wire fence, tree, wall ect.) will break the wheels. Ballistic Info - 7.62 Does not pen armored sides. 7.62 Does pen glass view panels on front and rear of the vehicle 1-2 shots to break glass (These windows are small, front view ports are best shot thru at elevated angle). 1 RPG to front to blow up, 2 RPG rounds to sides/rear to blow up. .50 Cal fully pen's all parts of vehicle. Top speed - 108kph (very slow acceleration) Armor V Armor - When hitting from the side/front panel wheels often are destroyed. Marid is also very top heavy and prone to rolling. Avoid the direct front and all of the rear when ramming. Turret removed (obv) Proposed Cost - $80,000 (Destroy/Chop Value would be $40,000) , Limited to Cpt Rules of engagement - Could only be pulled for Federal Events, This is not a first push vehicle. Would be used after a situation was assessed and determined greater armor is needed in-order to engage. Likely would only see this used at Bank and Prison. Too slow and not maneuverable enough for Lockup or Shipping Robbery. Federal Reserve could have it's uses but would be rarer than Bank/Prison. The Cpts goal for adding this vehicle would be in situations where they are outgunned to be able to actually deliver officers to CQC areas. IE: not getting 1-2 shot out of the current armored vehicles apd has access to. Nickname : The Doom Turtle
  10. Slight wording change to helicopter VDM rules, Note: this has been held by admins for some time, updating the rules to match. Added/Changed: Impeding the flight path of a helicopter with your own helicopter is not allowed. IE: You hover over a helicopter as it is taking off, it rises up and hits you, you are responsible for the VDM. Removed: Impeding the flight path of a helicopter with your own helicopter is not suggested. Lines about intentional contact being vdm regardless of outcome. - (These are covered under impeding the flight path change)
  11. Added Clarification on initiation to include texting all cops/medics is not valid initiation: No type of initiation may be done through direct chat, side chat, 911/311, or vehicle via typing. All initiation must be done with your voice or via text message to a specific player. No change to current rule, clarification only.
  12. Added gating vehicles : Closing a gate on a vehicle causing it to explode that results in the death of other players is considered VDM. This rule has been held by admins but was not written before.
  13. Updated/Reworded BH rules - No changes here. It is not intended for you, your gang, or known associates to profit from your bounty as a bounty hunter. This is considered bounty sharing. Profiting from your own bounty will result in money being removed and possible action being taken.
  14. Updated Illegal areas/red zones post : Added: Uranium Mine, Nuclear Power Plant, Evidence Lockup, Cartels Updated: Prison, RV (made it visible) Removed: Skiptracer
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