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    hello I am sealooter I play in video games. please talk to me my i respond everyday but not always sometimes i do everyday but other times i have to do other things so i dont do everyday but i do sometimes.

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  1. you literally posted ur video description here as your first post. what.
  2. what filter do you use to look that good? i must know!
  3. told me his favorite anime was attack on titan

    1. Luke SwagWalker

      Luke SwagWalker

      its actually friends on Netflix but ok gamer

    2. Boon
  4. go stillers (even though i hate football)
  5. i saw the make-a-wish foundation clip and it was fucking hilarious
  6. thats how u know its authentic
  7. better hide your body pillows and manga collection or else @Luke SwagWalker @Boon will start a manhunt ps i know you can only hear out of your left ear, it was a major editting flaw
  8. @Mitch (IFRIT) new v2 arsenal looks pretty cool. i like the new aa gun you used.
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