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  1. 1.7km from meth OFFERS FOR EITHER OR BOTH BELOW ↓
  2. 1.8km from spirit OFFERS BELOW ↓
  3. You can spawn in this one, it's the other two that you can't.
  4. Face Chaser


    On the map Ground view OFFERS BELOW ↓
  5. DAMN Yusheng where'd you get all that cash? coke runs?
  6. SOLD to a very handsome man.
  7. Face Chaser


    On the map Ground View ~600m Medium Yield Quarry ~800m Uranium Mine ~1.5km Nuclear Power Plant ~1.7km Bounty Hunter Base ~1.9km Black Market ~2.4km Rodopoli turf flag ~2.7km Meth Lab OFFERS BELOW ↓
  8. Face Chaser


    View of the house. ↓ OFFERS BELOW ↓
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