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  1. Helo i type wrong. Why bully me. Come kavala todday i kill uu brother revenge
  2. Thank u gais for all likes i appeciste. U nice players thanks u
  3. Thank uu very much !!! U good guy
  4. DrDaniel

    Dear Asylum

    i not do understand that bad meme
  5. i treat with raspect and very handsam man
  6. we not celebrite that, we Cuba
  7. DrDaniel

    Ring of Elysium

    i dont play, but i buy
  8. DrDaniel

    free game

    but i dont knoew
  9. u look lik u ar to yuong for constabal
  10. DrDaniel


    i pay 256k for servir 1
  11. i never give moni to peaple, they just take and dont give bakk!
  12. i did no problem, i follow rule of police
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