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  1. Biggest Kershaw postseason choke EVER! Honestly was hoping for Dodgers v Yanks in the WS
  2. Name - Donald J. Trump Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot) - The fuck is Arma? I run the US Military Age - 73 Previous Banks / Law firms - Deutsche Bank Why do you want to join the Shekelsteins? Fuck Palestinians How many shekels can you bring to the Shekelsteins? I am business man and President I own all shekels Who can vouch for you in the banking guild? Myself, I am the only vouch needed
  3. @Leady @Jake Anything on this or the rank progression system in general atm?
  4. gl, itll be fun fighting
  5. Anybody else enjoying this Modern Warfare Open Beta weekend? Cant wait for next weekend for the cross platform open beta

    1. GO7NEY


      tfw u gotta wait until 19th because ur not a console fag :pepe_48x48:

  6. MAAAAN I dun heard you got yoself a Diiiiimee peice maaan

  7. Sliick


    I predicted this moment but with the wrong servers in mind
  8. @Foxx40 He shouldve used his Strider flashbangs and blinded them right?
  9. Sliick

    FootBall Trash Talk

    FUCK YEA! Im going to BWW with some friends. Gonna be a great game!
  10. Sliick

    Gang Perks & Exp

    Thank you Jesse, Very cool
  11. Good job @GO7NEY and @Boon I look forward to the content. ps @Clint Beastwood If @Gen. Henry Arnold says his house blew away from the Hurricane He lyin this Hurricane was overrated for Florida
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