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  1. *Disclaimer* This doesnt reveal any big new update just talk and a few things about Bohemia I thought some of you might like to know because it very well could lead to a new ArmA game or maybe platforming ArmA 3 on a new engine?
  2. 2015 was 5 years ago... oh fuck me this is fucking beautiful bring it back
  3. @Mitch (IFRIT) We appreciate the second thought on an overflow as there is a metric gnash of players trying to join at peak hours. But honestly I think players would have a better time on an overflow server if it were to be Stratis (guess thats not happening), Strife to fight and have fun, or hell even a fucking Minecraft server instead. But I see it now there being 20 people on server 2 not fighting or interacting much but just money making in a boring ass setting.
  4. Sliick


  5. Those Xians went south pretty quick too
  6. Sliick


    someone decided to ruin our gamer quarantine
  7. Why havent the player spots been up'ed a little bit? Whats the downfall? because its so hard to get hours or play the game at all when its constantly full. I get not adding another server the split would be tremendous but whats wrong with adding a little more slots?
  8. No this bust idea is horrible, its like throwing 2.50 at a csgo case but not even getting the shitty mp7 skin you dont want. Imo I think you should remove the shitty commons no one wants and replace it with some retuxtured combat uniforms or something. However I understand the mission file problem here and the fact that keeping shitty commons or using a bust system undoubtedly makes a lot of money for the server *Maybe introduce the bust system to condense the mission file however increase the chances of uncommon and rare slightly and maybe give a free key or two to refund those who spent so much on the common shirts and such
  9. What was the fucking joke bud
  10. Imagine your on the side with the person that gets disarmed. Your fighting in Athira or Kavala or whatever city for whatever fucking reason. You get killed and disarmed but your buddy gets you up and you have no fucking weapon for fighting in a city. You would be pissed. And as you should know, cops with disarming have rules that go with it such as not going around disarming random fucking people. Civ is an uncontested faction besides server rules and enforcing a "Random Disarm" rule simply wouldnt work and it to much hassle. Stick to fighting cartels and out of cities and just execute. Its gonna be a no from me chief
  11. Biggest Kershaw postseason choke EVER! Honestly was hoping for Dodgers v Yanks in the WS
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