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  1. @Bag Of Funyuns tbh funyuns taste pretty good rate 7
  2. @Motra™ tbh i dont KNow you
  3. @Twinkie squires dont get a tbh rate 0
  4. @Gяavlツ tbh you were a pain in the ass to @ because of the backwards R in ur name and i contracted down syndrome from the smiley face
  5. @TRYHARD worse at clash of clans than arma rate 5
  6. @Farmer Steve tbh farmers like country music and lil nas is at the top of the country charts and he is gay. so u are gay too
  7. @HomeUser i see you on the forums sometimes and you sound like a career cop rate 3
  8. @.Casper ur like ratio is not so good rate 3
  9. @Blade rate 4 cuz this game is for 17+
  10. @carlson27 tbh you are rly cute lemme tapn
  11. @xRAY i seen you at oil catrel sometimes but you have bugs in your beard rate 6
  12. @Bag Of Funyuns i see you in kavala sometimes but you seem coo rate 3
  13. dude wtf nice hacks ur quilins shouldnt have doors on them
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