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  1. cicero

    Change log 8.1.6

    My game keeps crashing when logging in.
  2. Servers are cancer. Specially #1.
  3. In Game Name: Cicero Age: 25 Are you a member of the APD (rank): No. I got approved for an interview though. I'm studying to pass that test. Game Time: 300 hours in Asylum. Been playing Arma 3 on and off, I come from Arma 2. Also, play Squad. Have you been banned on Asylum?: Once for a couple of hours. Took cash on the floor that was spammable but talked with admin about it. Any previous Gangs: Pyrgos Family (1+ year ago), BOPE co founder (recent)
  4. ACCEPTED FOR INTERVIEW. Please message me tonight or any of our members that are online to schedule an interview. Thanks,
  5. Family Code Family is everything. You live and die for the Family. Never compromise the Family, treachery can't be forgiven. Respect the chain of command. Requirements - Must be Active! - Must be on our Teamspeak - Financially stable and independent (we're not a charity) - Knowledge of Banks, Prison Breaks, Federal Reserves, Cartels and Asylum Server Mechanics Application Format (Copy and Paste) In-Game Name: Age: Timezone: How Many Hours Do you Play A Day? Are you a member of the APD (If so, what rank): How Much Money Do you Currently Have?: Hours played on Arma 3 (Screenshot): Hours Played on Asylum: Donator Level: Previous Gangs: Why do you want to join the gang?: Why should we let you in our gang?: Any extra, relevant information you want to add?: Members {P.F} Ray Helnore {P.F} Josiah {P.F} Abjab {P.F} Meatballs {P.F} Croc {P.F} Cicero {P.F} Xavi {P.F} Colours {P.F} Burrito Bandito {P.F} Patricio {P.F} Hijacker {P.F} SavageRain {P.F} Jordan ...
  6. Lol. This kid was trolling our gang because someone (out of our gang) called him a whiner and swiney squealer. For no reason he took it against us like if we were the bad guys for laughing at what the other guy said to him. We were doing excavation at the time and when we were leaving he got on our boat's driver seat and basically took us hostage for like 10 minutes until he gave up. He's been rdming everyone around Pyrgos. Haven't seen him for a couple of days though... I'm glad.
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