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  1. In-game name: fr4dj0eTimezone: CSTHours on Arma 3 (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/8c19921ddb102a6ab7727fdc9f7b11fbPrevious gang affiliations: DHMember who can vouch for you: Madlibs, Hype, Whitey, Vortex.
  2. They could also pop two at a time, in random pairings but keep a set schedule. Something along those lines, i just think there needs to be change.
  3. The only reason i thought that is so gangs couldnt just focus all resources on each individual turf as it pops. If they pop at the same time gangs will have to split up their numbers to fight each turf they value. It will give smaller gangs a chance to cap a turf, as well as make fights more interesting for larger gangs, as they will have to split resources to fight separate turfs at the same time. I could be wrong tho.
  4. thats only true if you're capping. if we already own it we jsut dont touch the flag and we can send as many as we want it just goes back to us
  5. With V2 coming out it may be a good time to revamp turfs. As it is right now it's really easy for a large gang like DH to dominate turfs, as they pop at the same time every restart. This means we can just gear up a turf before it pops and smaller gangs have a really hard time capping them. Not only that but since cops know the turf times as well, they tend to sit at turfs and wait for them to turn red and roach the fight which makes it that much harder to fight for the turf. Part of this is because only one turf pops at a time, and it allows everyone to focus their efforts on one turf. What if instead of each turf popping one at a time, they all popped at the same time. This would force the gangs that own them to focus both on defending what they have and capping the ones they want, rather than just swarming the one. It would also allow cops to still gather at turf's to catch bounties when they pop, but they'd have to be a bit lucky to guess which one people will be at. The timing of the turfs should also be randomized as much as possible, while still popping multiple times a restart. Thoughts?
  6. fr4dj0e

    V2 house crates

    A scathing criticism to be sure. Especially coming from one I admire so much.
  7. fr4dj0e

    V2 house crates

    Because he has been on the server for a while. I however only have like 300 hours on the server. Maybe ill join farmersville and you guys can help me get rich
  8. fr4dj0e

    V2 house crates

    Richest person on the server is in DH -> I'm poor cus im in DH wut
  9. fr4dj0e

    V2 house crates

    its not my fault im poor lol, i havent had 6 years to earn money like the rest of you lol. I was more curious about the house storage though, cus from what i heard you could upgrade your houses. Crates are kind of like upgrades so will it carry over?
  10. common sense = only robbing people that fight back? or maybe common sense = dont gather unarmed cus people will take your shit
  11. So with the new house system on v2 not having crates, are those who have crates for their existing houses going to get corresponding upgrades on their new house storage? or will there be a comp for crate costs or anything like that?
  12. If i were to guess they are gonna update the databases and do an initial test to make sure everything is communicating well. If it works they will be able to release and if not they will know what needs to be fixed and then give us a release date. But I'm sure they wanna be more cautious in announcing a release date considering all the grief that they got when the missed the first one.
  13. This implies that you are judging the LT's actions by the rough approximation that someone would have of an IRL officer (apprehending the criminal). It could be a misunderstanding on my part though, as it was a short post. In any case i was trying to say that you were making a moot point because that the LT was in the wrong by both metrics, IRL and asylum. An IRL officer wouldn't conduct a felony stop this way so if you are judging him by his attempt to emulate an IRL traffic stop he was in the wrong. Regardless this is the wrong way to look at it because as i said trying to simulate realism in asylum is stupid. The APD handbook says that an officer should use their weapon as a last resort, and to speak first and shoot last. He definitely didn't do that and as an added bonus he shot someone that was both non-evasive and non-aggressive which the LT should have treated differently than an active firefight or something. APD officers are SUPPOSED to be held to a higher standard of roleplay, even more so with him being an LT and a role model for other officers. We cant expect roleplay on the apd to get better if we let the higher ups get away with things like shoot first and bury IA reports later. It sets a bad precedence for the lower ranks. PS nice car but it really has nothing to do with the conversation.
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