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  1. Whitey

    Admins of ASY?

    i remember the good old days when mr smirnof would just do random weired shit and if you were on cop you made 500k in one night
  2. probs shoulda read this before i posted F
  3. In-game name: Whitey Age: 24 Timezone: Central Hours on Arma 3: 3010 https://gyazo.com/11fd5a098cacb4392af6317988a6a10f Previous gangs: RD, Torment, Purge Any members who can vouch for you? Prolly not its been a few years
  4. Whitey


    Will miss my Friend. God speed
  5. yeah, nobody really plays anymore. never gunna go back to the way it was. oh well good times
  6. Sorry bout the "Filler Kills" only way i could make the video. Just dint have enough head shot clips. Guess i gotta get better.
  7. -1 we already got a Brazilian
  8. till some kavala dude puts his house on top of the ATM building or dead smack in the middle of police station
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