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    I don't know man, at the end of the day yall have to exploit to get people over there so I think its kind of funny you're talking about us as APD Lts breaking rules and not being bound to rules. Why don't we start with not exploiting first and the Devs / Cpts could possibly talk about changing a few things?
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    Yea I get what youre saying im just kinda arguing for the cops on this. But the Copter drone [ Pictured in your screenshot in the post ] is only for LT, we also have a semi useless Stomper drone that cant be used for anything other than to waste time or RP. Sgts get the Darter drone [ The tiny drone that goes like 10m / sec. ] I could set the darter to go 500m up and youll never know its there. As a civ, id much rather know by being able to see the drone in the sky, and not go to the area that the drone is circling. If anything its sorta helping you guys, if that makes sense?
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    If a Cpt says i can give out that information sure. But you also have to remember that not every IA's action taken is points, removals or BL. Sometimes all that needs to be done is a talking to and a "Hey man dont do this again." Yeah I just don't have an argument for this tbh. Also remember that these drones are LT+ that you're complaining about, I think its just one more thing to add to the list of "Don't do this when there's an LT on." That's if you remember to catch it before it runs out of fuel, but yes. How else are they to be used then? If they're made of paper of course I'm going to put it 500m / 2km up.
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    There already is a "timer" there's like 20 minutes of fuel available. There's already a limit per our policy. One active drone per Sgt+. The drones are 15k and are made of paper... why am I gonna money sink 15k every time just for some rat to shoot it out of the sky. Also why complain about this now? Drones have been used a lot more and a lot longer than you think, the only difference now is that youre able to easily see them more. Ive seen Lts get spanked numerous times, its just not public information on what happens to them. Like everyone else says, record and report it man idk what else you think should happen.
  5. Going to list this shed for sale with full intentions of letting it sit for a very long time. I am in no rush to sell this and the price is going to be final. Listing the shed for: 20,000,000. Again fully aware that im going to be sitting on this listing price for a while. Contents: Has a bunch of guns, mags and other equipment, as well as a ton of Y inventory.
  6. I've tried this before and have brought it up to some of the SA's over the last year a few times. Doing something like this is a good start and doesnt technically require any budget if only giving in game items. TLDR: Streamers get creator codes to allow new people or anyone to use a specific code in game. If anyone's interesting in more of what I talked about, here's the Doc I drafted. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lnGvxaz5uxP_Iwy5hHEjz5IypPcKGI3ZBcACXSKctj8
  7. Blacklist never to be lifted
  8. BLACKLIST LIFTED Must serve 90 days without disciplinary. If any disciplinary action is taken against this member, he will be immediately and permanently blacklisted. -Shadow Crimson Leader
  9. I watched you VDM tf outa like 5 cops one day bro I promise you there’s a reason…
  10. I think the whole point of this is to allow officers an alley to “role play” with someone for this. It’s really simple, give an RP reason as to why you’re off roading and the cops can go away without searching yourself or the vehicle, unless other chargers or factors. Issue with this, say I rob the evidence and have no other bounty, I get downed and fail the robbery, but I’m not wanted for anything so I just wasted the cops time and they get no reward for stopping the robbery. This is also just the risk you take when doing certain feds. You got to remember there has to be rewards for cops besides the $5k you get for stopping the bank. ( Scale this up ffs ) If something like this were to be implemented, it would only be used by certain groups to report officers on mistakes. I’m sure all of us have accidentally searched someone or a vehicle while trying to do another action. I get where people come from when they talk about this, but unfortunately I think implementing something like this wouldn’t be more negative than anything. I see both sides of the argument, but I agree it shouldn’t be legal.. +1 I don’t mind rping with people for 10 minutes but 95% of the time I’m just thrown somewhere for the entirety of my kidnapping. PC parts should definitely be an end game thing. I think we’re think like this event has been out for years and it’s impossible to do. It’s still a new event and isn’t something that should be completed by everyone within the first month of it being out. I think there should be an alternative and very time consuming way to make the pc parts tho, something that would take multiple restarts to create. Think this is approved? Base arma game just doesn’t allow this. Goodnight 🙂
  11. I dont know specifics of it, just that if too many are used, it can be laggy
  12. But did she reply tho?
  13. Hiding current buildings in cities is a little hard. From what I've been told the environment hiding tool if placed too many times, will start lagging the server. Im currently using three in this area, not to mention the ones used for HQ or anywhere else near athira.
  14. Got bored, made Athira look pretty. Kavala had a nice little revamp but since Athira changed to top of the spawn list, I figured it would be nice to have something new! Thoughts?
  15. Got a few screenshots from what ive made so far, the idea is for this event to be a simple build, nothing too complex. [The other cartel location is seen in a screenshot where the green tower is. Roughly 400-500m away.] Code used for smoke. Will have to have devs make a ppeffect instead of this code since this is constantly destroying a vehicle.
  16. The idea is to allow everyone to be able to start this event and give people something to do and fight for. If crimson caps fort and doesnt play the rest of the week, then this event is now useless.
  17. Yeah i now see how people could think this would be something like a rebel air drop or illegal vehicle drop. I more meant that this event would be a location for rebels to go to anytime to start this event.
  18. Started by a player, maybe you would need the trojan usb virus?
  19. +1 would be something to definitely add
  20. Im curious to see what you guys would have to say for something like this to be created. Im always down to hear out some other people opinions. Illegal Bank Transfers A helicopter that was being sent to the bank of Altis was shot down over Arms Island. This helicopter was transferring new computers for the Bank to allow civs to easily withdraw and deposit money. Fortunately the computer system that was in the helicopter survived but glitched and is now allowing civilians to go to the computer system and start an illegal bank transfer. Since these computers were going to the bank but were shot down, there is a chance that you may be able to find computer parts for the national robbery, inside the wreckage when finishing the event. Starting the illegal bank transfer will start a timer to be discussed by devs, and when the timer is up will allow civs to gather the bank notes that drop from this event. How much money is spit out when doing this event can depend on server population, or anything else that could depend on this. Civilians will be able to go to this area and fight another civilian that is trying to do the illegal bank transfer, APD will not be allowed to contest this. How to start: The only materials you will need to start this event is going to be a Trojan Virus USB, you will go to the computer at the back of the wreckage, seen in the 4th screenshot, and insert that into the computer. A timer will start and you will have to defend the area from other rebels. After the timer ends bank notes and possibly computer parts will spawn and you're able to take those and break the notes into cash. Keep in mind that Id like to keep this as simple as possible so theres less dev work that is needed but adds something fun for civs to do. Im always down to make this area, if you guys have anywhere in specific that this event could be located let me know and i can work on making it. Any thoughts or ideas to add onto this would also be appreciated!
  21. I’ve tried explaining this to these guys it’s like I’m talking to a wall.
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