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  1. Also some helicopters can only pick up some vehicles because that vehicle is too heavy.
  2. In a three hour restart, 30 minutes is already a long time. Not to mention it was just bumped up. And we already get cucked enough can we not take away godmode restraints lol
  3. zdeat


    What’s up man
  4. S1 Dom instead tho? Is that a dumb idea?
  5. Which part of it
  6. Whats the argument behind this? If you want to be an APD staff member, just dont act like a moron and be half decent... its not hard at all. You put the wrong people in power and youre going to actually kill the server.
  7. It was removed? I drive around with it on cop all the time wym?
  8. @Kellyill go second this time!
  9. Its literally as simple as putting something like "this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "IMAGESKINFILENAME.JPG"];
  10. I have two things to say about this part, The vehicles in the area that are set as an object are always able to be changed. I messaged like 20 people and asked what vehicle most represents Athira and received a bunch of different vehicles. They can be changed out at almost anytime as well, but I think that once we put the skins on those vehicles it will look a lot better. I forgot to put benches in... doing that now 🙂
  11. Over the last few days I've taken some of the feedback that the community has given and tried to change and fix them. Below are some more screenshots: The square has "Art work" that could be skinned or even changed around if another vehicle would be chosen. Any comments or concerns would be appreciate!
  12. You have such a way with words! +1
  13. L1on - APD Application By George, January 2, 2016 in Apply Here You’re not far behind lmao
  14. I’d love to see some sort of wipe event where maybe a fed might spawn like a mil / rpgs / suis stuff like that. Cops can use whatever gear they want for a day. Martial law where if you’re spotted at night you either get lethaled or arrested. ( Depending on who you are of course ) Ghosthawk deployed 24/7 Just random stuff like that yanno I think that would be sick. But yeah add titles for like Leroy for most money, most cartel caps, most drug busts, most prestige.
  15. If dev stuff gets done before that tho why wait?
  16. Im already doing something like this 🙂 Going to try and make all the cities look nice and new.
  17. Only if the lil guy can reach you 😉
  18. I forgot shit…
  19. The storm is brewing...
  20. zdeat

    Server changes

    Was it you that made the apd suggestion for constables getting mks and Frits? You’re a cop yourself and you should know this but we only make money if we catch you? I also think you’re forgetting that Frits are locked behind Lt, there’s like 14? whitelisted Lts and 6 of which don’t play often plus 10-15 “captains”. Drones are next to useless at Feds tbh, sure I can see where you’re at but I could guess where you’re at without it too… And again ghosthawk is locked behind Cpt, there’s like what 10 active that can pull it and 3 that can arm it?
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