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  1. herro. I am here to apply for civilian council. I will be good representative yes!
  2. So how do I go abouts putting in a ban appeal 17f4563860b6a85a0d2b41f1c4783e57.png

  3. wowowoowowowow REAL PLAYERS. that'll get u people from Olympus
  4. can we only see the last 5 status updates? there aint no 2-1 million pages?

    1. DanteFleury


      Olympus used to be like that too. It’s not new but wasn’t always able to see all the way to the beginning of life

  5. can confirm this wasn't Bohemia's doing
  6. honestly toxicity is one of the biggest things that kept people staying on Olympus.
  7. I love how you want people to be nice, meanwhile Olympus is toxic as fuck and 90% of the time its shit talking.
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