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  1. Gentlemen, it is no nut November. I have planted several snipers on each of your positions, watching your every move for the rest of November. If it’s reported to see any of you have nutted, you will immediately be executed. This month goes by near-death rules, so if you get near-nut, you get bonus points. Points may be redeemed at the store for keys and merch.
  2. You're so fucking hot. Literally all I can think of is having my hands all over you, stripping you down and ripping your clothes off faster than you can say "fuck me daddy", and just fucking your god damn brains out. I want to be able to feel the dirty sweat drip off your body so I can rub it back in your pussy and around your right asshole. I just want to throw you down on the floor, spank you, and not stop fucking you until your screaming like a whore. I want to pick you up, grab your firm ass, and fuck you until you start spraying from your tight little pussy. And then once you can't take it anymore I want to grab and pull your hair back and shove my cock through your beautiful lips until I come all over and down your throat- Goodnight, sweetest dreams mi amor. I love you so much, really. You're my favorite sleepy hoe in the world. Sleep tight.
  3. Watch ur mouth, u dont know what im capable of
  4. You have been reported.I am not a bot. I am a Volunteer Asylum moderator. I do not have mod powers but my reports are taken seriously and those who get on my bad side tend to get banned in under 24 hours. I have numerous rules, which you may read in my post history, but 1 is the most important rule of all• I am an officer in training, and I expect to be treated the same way I would be with my uniform and badge.Watch your back and get used to this face kiddo, you’ll be seeing a lot of it.
  5. How does it matter if i irrelevant or not? ur shit at making music and thats all that counts
  6. Duuude, just please stoooop, u have already failed of becoming a musican if u think posting this crap on an arma 3 forum will make u big
  7. Calle.

    El Camino

    Do u even have wifi in greenland?
  8. Inb4 @Clint Beastwood bans everyone who express a political opinion
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