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  1. Name 1 purpuse dumb bitch
  2. Do you want to kill the server? This is how you kill the server.
  3. Good thing you dont need to worry about joining their teamspeak anymore
  4. @PGone I would recommend watching Winnie the Pooh, it is a masterpiece made by Disney about a bear living in the forest with his friends
  5. Yeah i can tell, that is why you have 6000 posts made
  6. Ah fuck, dont tell me you are back again
  7. APPLICATION FORMAT In-game name: calle Discord name and number: Tusken Raider #8008 Any past gangs? If so which ones: kroota How old are you?: i’m 11 but i’m turning 12 in like 3 months and plus i watch adult shows like family guy and the simpsons so i’m really mature and my mom says i’m really mature for my age and i’m friends with a lot of 7th graders even though i’m going into 6th grade so i’m a kid but i’m like an adult Are you a medic or APD officer? If so what rank?: Yes i am a Medic on Anzuz rp why should we pick you?: I am very good att the game, i have 125 hours (all on PvP) and i can snipe and kill
  8. 1. (Mong)- Slang for spastic, but used against a person who says or does something completely idiotic by accident or without realisation. This makes every witness simultaneously raise their hands to their shoulders and shake 'em while sticking their tongue in their lower lip and making 'urrgh' noises.
  9. Cops will get points if they are caught meatshiedling
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