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  1. Not surprised that the cops need help smh. They are blacklisting all the actual good cops left and right
  2. Dont have anything against you or alot of your members, but when you mass recruit you end up adding alot of stupid people
  3. Fredz


    Is water wet?
  4. Imagine trying to join Dummy Squad
  5. Ive been experiencing alot of lag recently on the server and at times the server is completely unplayable. It totally ruins the experience and It wouldnt surprise me if people who consider quitting will do it now when server is broken. Please fix this problem <.3 luc u bb
  6. Add a stock system so my lazy ass can sit on a bench in kavala and make the green. I want to invest all my money
  7. Application Format In-game name: Fredz Age: 36 Hours in Arma 3: 20 Wealth[Money]: 10k Previous Gangs: K Rauta Why we should accept you: Im married to Pan Fried Member who can vouch for you : The swede
  8. Shadap, your mum probably tried to refund you
  9. Ait, let me just get permed real quick
  10. Making a Onlyfans with 1 mil asylum cash sub fee. Hmu bb<3
  11. Finally I can OD on all the coke I have stored!
  12. Exactly. Its stupid. We are playing online and people have to stop being so easily offended
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