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  1. Exactly. Its stupid. We are playing online and people have to stop being so easily offended
  2. Just think admins gotta decide. Im fine that people use racist slurs against each other. But when I get banned for saying something a chinese player felt offensive it kinda pisses me off. Sorry if I come off a tiny it salty, but I guess I am
  3. For someone who recently got banned for racism I cant understand why someone can walk around with "Chigga" infront of their name. Its clearly a mix between two words (dont need to write em down). Just wanted to see If Im not the only one seeing this. Just want to clarify that I want free speech on the server and dont care about racism, but admins got to decide if they want to stop racism or allow it. They cant keep on with allowing some people/things. #FreeSpeech
  4. Ron you fcking smell

  5. All these hilights? Where are clips of you guys getting shit on by K Rauta? Must be really good getting shit on by a "Kavala rat" gang....
  6. Hmmmm

    1. BonFire




  7. Damn when did I wake up in China?
  8. The problem is all the new players who wanan rdm literally get handed a weapon of mass destruction
  9. I can not be the only one here who thinks the shotguns that were "recently" added are just insanely OP and annoying. The fact that a random kavala rat can sit hundred meters away and one shot me when I spend money on my gear is just retarded, not to mention the fact that they can FCKING TAKE DOWN HOUSES. I have lost count of how many ppl have used the shotgun to tear down my house and the admins saying "file a report" is annoying and lazy. I dont want to have to sit 24/7 recording (bcs my shadowplay is broken) just to report some scumbags exploiting. Either remove the shotgun or make it double the price so these god damn kavala rats cant just one shot rdm me all the god damn time.
  10. Watch from 11:00 NEw players out here showing the perfect Asylum RDM experience
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