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  1. secretly they dont care about gang life and destroying it slowly but surely
  2. umm first clip -230 hunger? kden
  3. i dont check the names when cartels are being taken at 3am in the morning and i assume its vyper
  4. -1 ghost caps talks shit while ghost capping 3am some1 loggs in gets pooped on still talks shit EDIT: could be another vyper cant tell the difference between them
  5. Gosu

    Server 1 Jail House

    +1 for all the sharks
  6. it comes from a dank island called stratis where all the combat loggers and rdmers live at they are at a constant 400k+ bounty
  7. -1 even though he was in wicked he was perm trial because horrible tac coms complained about money bought tactical vest and wanted gang members to buy him loadouts
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