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  1. new altis zones , plus 3 maps are coming.
  2. I agree ObiWoki, one of the only LTs in the history of asylum who only pulls hatchbacks and suvs instead of hunter/ifrits Well done Obi you are very useful.
  3. @MysticLion brush your teeth british freak
  4. tom

    q19 moment

    You newgens wouldn't of lasted a week in the old days. This is literally nothing compared to back than.
  5. Synergy? Duping dog meat in donor town then getting there accounts wiped, crying it was not there fault? What about Prime when tiger got banned for cheating? Then you got him unbanned then they cheated for months aimbotting and blowing up the server? Or when you guys swore when sheep and the rest of envy was lag switching? My point here Jayshawn, is back then APD didn't have shit and they fought better gangs 24/7 and the captains and lts dealt with it and learned to adapt. There are 4-5 of us at a mental asylum and the APD cry cause they can't kill us even while they outnumber us 3-1. Then they cry and DM @Mitch (IFRIT)all day crying how broken the mental is and they get a madrid. They already have ifrits, literally so easy not to get shot out of it but they drive in a straight line and get ripped then cry. Back when they prison had 4 big towers, the APD would fight it and even win against a rebel group of 15.
  6. wrong person to talk too there is a huge update coming.
  7. With a new domination update coming out soon I wanted to see if people were interested in this. HardPoint One single point where everyone has to slam if they want points. It rotates every 5 minutes. The gang with the most people on foot in the cap takes control Players in ifrits do not count as people in the zone Zone is 25m around cap Half price gear Every 5 seconds you get a point You play to 500 points. Will have a group cap like domination. Will have a prizepool and the payout is decided how many points you get. Formula 10000000 * (totalScore / maxScore) * (groupScore / maxScore) / groupMemberCount Winner receives a 20% bonus. This is intended as fast pace gameplay and is totally separate gamemode from domination. Feedback below please.
  8. 100K house base should be 30K. Other than that I think this is fair.
  9. I think it should stay the same way. Reason being, if someone is capping the flag you know where they are and you can push them. If you change it, a rat could be hiding and cost a gang points.
  10. tom


    asylum forums are dead blake
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