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  1. remove the tower and add two sets of stairs for the main castle , and it might be a solid spot.
  2. this new forum update is bad , change it back

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    2. Chow Mein

      Chow Mein

      It looks like my grandma used my iphone and changed the font to 72

    3. Infamous [FULL SEND]
    4. Pok-Lee


      looks like my anus


  3. tom


    42? sheesh man not even trying to be toxic but get your life back on track
  4. this is actually awful
  5. successful day i'd say https://clips.twitch.tv/MildRoundAntTinyFace
  6. corona is man made bro , way blown outta portion as well. fake news
  7. honestly just outplayed bud, get better.
  8. You can't always arrest someone so you gotta lethal them and you get no money for it. Dumb this was removed in the first place. Vote above please.
  9. hey @Jimbo, its tom from PKE, how you been bro? I see you're still playing video games some things never change! I never had time for video games I was too busy fucking bitches and going to frat parties. Anyways good seeing you bro, call me and we can go out on one of the boats.
  10. tom

    trump 2020

    Donald Trump - Worst Racist Ever! Deported an ex-Nazi Upgraded MLK's birthplace to a national historic park Denounced David Duke over 20 years ago Granted Alice Johnson clemency Trump approved a criminal justice reform bill that gives back to the black inmates so they can have a second chance at the American Dream He has lowered the poverty rate of Black and Hispanic Americans Lifted 7 million Americans off food stamps over the last 3 years He signed a executive order of $860 million dollars benefiting African American Colleges He created t
  11. tom

    trump 2020

    Trump's the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan. You liberals get offended by anything so easy and can't decide what bathroom to use. Trump isn't a racist and he has done MORE for the African American community that any president before him including Obama.
  12. this might of been the worst montage i've ever watched and i've watched a lot of montages over the years. this makes that proud retard look good. I'd just stop playing this game if I were you, absolute dog shit.
  13. what the hell is that shitty intro
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