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  1. Imagine getting drunk by yourself in your room playing a video game. Freak
  2. why are you still talking to me you are so fucking ugly kid you still live in your fathers house , quite sad tbh
  3. Coming from the kid who has a .42 K/D You got bulled in highschool and it shows.
  4. Rebel life is already dead and you make the defib timer longer and remove adrenaline shots yall are fucking retarded
  5. yeah because smoking weed on snapchat is very prospering
  6. imagine wearing under armour in 2019 yikes
  7. once a rebel department shitter always a rebel department shitter
  8. wait every friday for my weekly allowance
  9. you wanted to take your computer on vacation so you could play V2. Your life is quite sad
  10. only thing you wipe is jesse's ass retard
  11. Quite unfortunate, you defend your friend for years and they just lie to you the whole time.
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