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  1. damn, should have sold it to you instead of market.
  2. House+garage combo close to hydrogen sulfate and medium quarry. Can also be used as starter scotch house. offers https://gyazo.com/e5421e175bc11b3f52439a21b65f1289
  3. 1 Crater for sale https://gyazo.com/fc566af77badd3bd57e348f40f565a43 offers
  4. pretty sure they are working on this
  5. Craftable vests like Farmer steve said. Also, a bounty hunter perk where you can drop bounties quicker would be nice.
  6. just going to quote you because it's funny, lol.
  7. Selling a 1 crate in DP5 with a garage nearby. Good starter scotch house. Garage allows you to pull trucks in secret. offers
  8. Different "The Brotherhood" like 3 members lol
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