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  1. Stryke Message Me! I'll Buy IT!
  2. We are accepting the highest offer we receive. Join us here! Message our Broker nirvanamonkey (me) and we will get started on negotiations! https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3
  3. A few of your DS buddies have bought for us and left us good reviews... XD how can I monopolize with a less than 10 home limit? Thanks bb
  4. We are hiring! Consult with us about jobs today! (Through Discord). Commission Based Earnings UNCAPPED, earn 33%-60% of the profits of each sale you secure! (You don't even have to buy the house, we will for you!) Good support for employees... We are here for each other! Friendly staff First pick on the best homes!
  5. We've never had trouble in the past, and now you're deciding to attempt to hinder our business, that is hardly profitable for the amount of work we do... trying to centralize the real estate market on Asylum, promote RP, and enhance the market making it easier for people to buy/sell homes. I dunno what your problem is bruh
  6. It is indeed full all the time except for like 4 am haha
  7. Seeking the following for our client... 2-3 Crater at DP3, can be empty with no contents in it, upgraded or standard, nothing matters besides price... SERVER ONE ONLY! Budget: Very Flexible Will Negotiate... Join here and message our brokers https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3
  8. Then it didn't happen, I wasn't planning on preemptively collecting proof to prove to Farmer Steve that I sold a home XD
  9. You said the home was never for sale in a demeaning and shitty way, it was and the sale was successful... Sorry you feel you feel you are entitled to everything you want from anyone in an online community.
  10. @Farmer Steve Edit: I see as if cutie patootie doesnt want to respond, after being proven wrong... get fucked bb, PS: I love you
  11. Dude, I just sold it... idk what you're going on about... it was sold through us by Natha, fuck off
  12. SOLD! - PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ABOUT THIS HOME, Feel free to join to check out other listings!
  13. If you add me on discord (I'm in that server itd be easier to communicate, if you want to leave right after - that is fine)
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