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  1. https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3 See this discord, and PM me (Top user) about purchase.
  2. Welcome To APS We are a new security company offering the following services, and more! Why APS? - Upon choosing us, you will get access to our REDLINE a dedicated Discord for dispatching guards your way. - We have the most competitive pricing, and do not waste time or resources. - Your money is returning to you in the value of security, and possible lost goods, or gear. - WE HAVE 24/7 GUARD CAPABILITIES! Message Me On Discord To Request A Quote, I Am Here Often! Cpl. Coolio#0215
  3. Do you need help selling your home, or just want it done for you? We are the place for you! Asylum Realty Inc. is a discord for real estate on Arma, we can handle all the forum posting, negotiations, and can talk to our team of dedicated purchasers who can purchase your home for a good price within the hour! I have currently sold $16,000,000 in property through this company! How do we make money? We will do all of this for a commission of the home price, it is absolutely free to list your home, and obtain interest, upon sale we take a commission however! Thank you for reading this! https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3 ^ OUR DISCORD ^
  4. What's the least you'd take for all 3?
  5. Thank you for your bid, you will be updated as time goes forward
  6. This home is being listed by Asylum Realty Inc. Asking Price: 700K Buy Now Price: 800K Information: DP5 Home, good for scotch or other use, please contact me in discord to purchase. BB-Yee, MD#0215
  7. Do you ever get involved in illegal activity that gets you in trouble? For this affordable price you can have a home to dump off all your Fed loot no problem! You can get in and out before the police arrive, sometimes.. Bidding Ends At 12:00 AM Hawaii Time 12/2/2020
  8. Asylum Realty Inc. Is Back! We have huge selling potential and a huge buying potential! Please let us know if you're interested! - Home searching - Home selling - Instant cash 4 home! JOIN HERE FOR MAIN SITE https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3
  9. We are accepting the highest offer we receive. Join us here! Message our Broker nirvanamonkey (me) and we will get started on negotiations! https://discord.gg/R8dG2k3
  10. A few of your DS buddies have bought for us and left us good reviews... XD how can I monopolize with a less than 10 home limit? Thanks bb
  11. We are hiring! Consult with us about jobs today! (Through Discord). Commission Based Earnings UNCAPPED, earn 33%-60% of the profits of each sale you secure! (You don't even have to buy the house, we will for you!) Good support for employees... We are here for each other! Friendly staff First pick on the best homes!
  12. We've never had trouble in the past, and now you're deciding to attempt to hinder our business, that is hardly profitable for the amount of work we do... trying to centralize the real estate market on Asylum, promote RP, and enhance the market making it easier for people to buy/sell homes. I dunno what your problem is bruh
  13. It is indeed full all the time except for like 4 am haha
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