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  1. 1.0 mil starting bid https://gyazo.com/c84a08a10d9baf159ced3b568af31845 Its in neochori next to boat spawn
  2. I feel the admins and the mods do not really play the game much and rely on sources such as career cops to make sure that the server is according to their needs and wishes . Also why is no one talking about the server crashes?
  3. yeah it is 2.5 mil and it at the old medical building. 500-600 squad can dip
  4. Had a feeling the 'special needs' brothers will come in and try to entertain the others . 9m is too much i cant accept. 2 mil is what i am looking for.
  5. Umm, unless on server 2 in that case no, I own it. And Pan you are a fcking circus not just a clown
  6. https://gyazo.com/83e6a79cf162818cd85a20e4e517532d https://gyazo.com/a85b7ec6ba546581628269b9de859263 https://gyazo.com/eaf332907a763bbcb4be5c70573096b9 https://gyazo.com/f66525c41aeab4409452c56453d17046 Please no stupid and unfunny farmer steve type of bids, thankyou
  7. I dont know who to ask for help, but my house inventory got wiped while i was trying to move my houses. It is extremely sad and demotivating. I understand for some people this game is about fight but for me it was all about getting those rare guns, collecting them. I spend countless hours on it and now it just got wiped because sever thought i was duping . I was just moving guns from old to new house! I have no picture as I didn't expect this to ever happen. Others should learn at least from this and take pictures of thier house inventory. I think this might be it for me here. After ma
  8. how dare u sir! I am Griffon the realtor! been here before you were born son! dont you dare take away my job! i got edgy teenagers to feed!
  9. Hey Selling athira 3 crater where the old medical was. If you dont know it you probably cannot afford it. Looking for offers. Great ratting house and also its a 3 crater in athira so you can do a lot with it.
  10. Hey all I know we are all a bit tired of the dusty gathering of Altis, dont get me wrong, it is a great map. However since we are thinking of a new server which is an uncertainty in the future what better way to fix this by changing the map and giving a new and a fresh perspective to the game. I know admins and cops hate it since they get bushwacked but I remember as most of you probably do, having great fun on tanoa, running the jungle and disappearing. I d say lets change mitch's mind again! we can do it! Also 2 house limit on Tanoa will work out nicely as well. No one will be piss
  11. I will sell my left nut for a Tanoa server!
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