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  1. selling a weed pro house no low offers pm me offers
  2. In-game name -zack2 Age -17 Timezone -GMT+2 Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - Bank Balance -100K Previous Gangs (if any) -N/A APD/AFD Rank (if any) -N/A Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? -N/A
  3. Name in-game :zack Timezone :GMT+2 Hours(screenshot) : Previous Gangs :SPACE FORCE Why should we accept you? :I am goot at cqc and over all combat I am really active I would be on for like 5-9h and have good knowlige about the server Who can vouch :N/A
  4. In-Game Name:zack Age:17 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Bank Account (Screenshot): Any experience fighting?yes i was in your gang and i used to go to cartels with you guys and have some good time and a top fragger in grandtheft arma Vouches:idk Previous Gangs:space-force How active will you be?like 5-9h
  5. Age:17 In-Game Name:ZACK Previous Gangs:space force Vouchers:N/A Why do you want to join Zenith?looking for a good active gang Picture of Arma3 Hours
  6. In-Game Name:zack Age:17 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): Bank Account (Screenshot):69k but that will change fast Any experience fighting?yes I was playing on grandtheftarma witch i used to be on of the best freggers in our gang Vouches:N/A Previous Gangs:none How active will you be?about 6-10h
  7. Age:17 In-Game Name:zack Previous Gangs:none Vouchers:none Why do you want to join Zenith?im loooking for a nice chill gang to spend time wit and get somemoney Picture of Arma3 Hours: Gyazo
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