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  1. We can have literally everything we need at all times though. Only things you have to swap around are Federal Reserve talents/drug talents/mining talents.
  2. You have access to way more stuff these days. You used to need a talent point to use suicide vests, 7.62's, and like 4 talent points for bloodbags, defibs and pulling dead people out of vehicles
  3. Still would only be the 30 round mags the standard MX gets. They won't suddenly add 100 round downing mags to skiptracer if they wanted this to be a rebel gun. Might as well just use a regular MX with 30 rounders
  4. Yeah and add nightstalker scopes too. Those aren't OP.
  5. Recruitment is now CLOSED. We have enough members for now!
  6. Don't mass recruit randoms and your gang won't have any rats. Easy. Never had this issue before.
  7. Denied. Sorry, we are currently limited as we have a lot of active members. Good luck in finding a gang.
  8. How you gonna claim you're on an alt account and then ask "who r u"
  9. Because having 5 houses meant you were losing 250k a week to nothing. That's not fun or a good way to address house hoarders. It punishes the active players, like me, that don't want to lose a million a month. Sometimes I grind for some weeks, sometimes I don't want to for months at a time. I shouldn't be forced to grind. There are plenty of other interactive things to do on the server to keep stuff interesting. @Azeh @Mr. Slick Can any devs comment on if this is possible or even a good idea?
  10. It shouldn't cost money at all, that was the entire reason electricity bills got so much hate and was removed.
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