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  1. Once more, recruitment has been closed. Let's see if we survive for another year to come.
  2. Remove cops. They make me talk to them before sending me
  3. Denied. Thank you for applying I don't think you were ever kicked. I'll send the new discord though
  4. Asylum dev 2021 It was "fixed" at least. (The real fix is to remove it)
  5. That's a lot of money to pull a vehicle out of a garage
  6. I definitely think the money should be removed. Other than that, they get the standard rdm punishment
  7. I do love an armed vehicle. Hopefully the .50 cal sight is useable with that scope now. No more hipfiring!
  8. Funny how if they figured that out months ago, it would probably be considered a cop sided event. Impossible to leave when it's like that
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