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  1. Yo I'm ready for that war now @Neevo
  2. Casino is currently on top of the best cartel location :( @Gen. Henry Arnold
  3. What's this? https://www.rebornroleplay.com/topic/56014-eddannn/ Also, there is no hiding You could have just been honest and said you are new to the server at least. Denied
  4. What? Why would you think that? I just wanted to make a kind of toxic bounty hunting thread because it's funny. If you're talking about the DS kid I flamed in my video, he started talking shit about us being rats and saying my boy is adopted! Unacceptable behaviour. Only people that provoke me get that treatment. I'm usually nice enough.
  5. Look man you were entertaining at first, but it's just sad now. Stop trying to talk to me. You're boring me now.
  6. "DS pwease come defwend me. He make video about me showing me being awwested"
  7. Like I said. Kiddy talks shit first. Kiddy gets put on blast second. That is how it works. Thanks for commenting, check in soon for more content!
  8. No you go fuck yourself guy. I don't give a fuck if someone is 13 or 90. You talk shit first, you are free to be flamed. It's fun to be toxic to other toxic people. That's half the appeal of Asylum for me. Making toxic kiddies cry
  9. Accepted. Discord PM'd. Although I think you're already in it
  10. Toxic people aren't human, so it's okay to make videos about them
  11. This It used to give +50% on top of the original bounty. So a guy worth 100k would pay you 100k + 50k bonus @Azeh
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