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  1. I think bounty hunters should get smoke mortars
  2. Dying to a bush or any of the random ways arma kills you is too common. Don't like this idea myself. There has to be better ways to make people spend money. Fuck paying 15k for a revive for any reason.
  3. Arrest sharing? Like sharing with my gang? If that's all that means, well yeah. I usually play with friends and just share it every time the option shows up. A lot of those are shared with rebels lol. Why would me sharing the bounty be relevant to my honor anyway?
  4. Yeah most of that is decent. Although bounty hunting should still be profitable. It doesn't pay great to bounty hunt with any sizeable group, but if you're good solo or with like 2 people you kinda deserve to get paid well. But if there can be some balancing done so the MX can be legal then it might be worth. Bounty hunters having to rebuy their license every time they go to prison is pretty annoying too. Rebels never have to. I got more honor, where does that rank me?
  5. Personally disagree and think it needs some buffs, but what do you think should be nerfed?
  6. The MX can't be used to capture cartels, bounty hunter base is no longer a red zone and if it is being used to shoot at police or used wrongfully anyway, it will get taken away. It doesn't make sense as an illegal firearm. A bounty hunter should be able to use the MX to bounty hunt with no problems from police as long as they use it properly within the law. It being illegal kind of forces you to be hostile towards police officers a lot more often. If it will not be made legal, please tell me why. It was legal for years before and back then it was fine and could be used for cartels and such.
  7. I think it's just the product of a bygone age. We don't need to unlock our houses to access anything in them anymore. Probably just change it to toggle door locks.
  8. Alright man you've unlocked my ability to view your posts again. My faith is back.
  9. That's why I can only respond on the forums? Does that count for everyone responding to stuff on the forums or like, only me? Are you also shit since you just responded to me on tHe fORumS?
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