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  1. Oh no u got me. What a funni joke ha. ha. ha.
  2. Defragments


    Pyrgos isn't a rebel, what
  3. Tanoa Also didn't read whatever it is you just quoted again. I don't read stuff I don't care about
  4. You're saying making it available for everyone breaks the rules?
  5. It's a brown vest. I know police tac vests are better than the civ ones. something funny there?? Brown Yes No
  6. Give everyone access to pilot coveralls then
  7. Don't need a crazy high DPI. Only have to go left and right fast for it to do that. Especially back then. I remember that time and got so mad because you were sliding around. Not as badly as in that video but still enough for me to be like "wtf"
  8. Not possible to have the 15 seconds always apply on cop?
  9. We'd like to thank you for stepping forth and reporting yourself. We will let you off with a warning this time. Please refrain from DPI Glitching in the future. Here is an example video to help you understand what happens when you do it. Also neck, ya cunt
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