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  1. It's a guy that prides himself on being in DH. Just disregard anything he says
  2. This is literally the best part of the game though
  3. And it's not even hard to just follow the road up to the airfield. I'm sure it's like a 2 minute drive.
  4. But there shouldn't just be everything, everywhere.
  5. It wasn't fun times. It was boring and useless. That's why no one used it.
  6. been saying this for years
  7. Y-32 Xi'an is literally a flying fortress
  8. Hoooly what has happened to this poor poor server. Unironically rip.
  9. Is that really needed though? If they win, they get to arrest everyone anyway.
  10. True. I'm thinking if it had players though, it is an interesting idea.
  11. Kind of a cool idea. Risk free practice cartel or something. Should let you pick your teams too, somehow
  12. Wow you didn't sell me this shed. Why are you scamming me???
  13. Whatever is decided, avoid making it based on money again. Very irritating to deal with.
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