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  1. I always figured it was just an oversight to have police show up as medics. I thought police medics were there primarily for the police. I just think they at least shouldn't show up as a civilian medic with the ability to respond to medic requests. If I die and for whatever reason need to get a medic to revive me, I expect to see a medic. I don't want a police officer locking me out of respawning so they can come revive me and arrest me.
  2. @Mr. Slickare you a fixer too? Mr. Fixer? =(
  3. still salty about not getting that guys bounty I see bitch ass pussy forum warrior.
  4. But now it's ifrits instead of Qilins. Ifrits everywhere
  5. Hmmmm, we have been considering this one for a while now... we've decided to accept. We are interested in some of your answers. So vague and unanswered, yet also answered... Discord PM'd
  6. Well this has been annoying forever so hopefully they fix it. Nah. Police shouldn't be allowed to get medic requests. Gives them information on where people might be that they shouldn't have. And lets them do that aids thing where they can say they are en-route just to make it so you can't respawn.
  7. Comment something that contributes to the conversation or just, don't. lmao.
  8. I know that. I'm saying why should police be able to respond to medic request? I'm calling for a medic, not a cop. In this instance we just killed the police, a medic was nearby so I requested medic, medic died or something, and then a cop just presses the button for no reason other than to be annoying.
  9. Idk why a Sgt is allowed to say he is en-route. It stopped me being able to respawn for like 4 minutes @Gen. Henry Arnold are you a fixer of things like this?
  10. Denied. Thank you for applying, and good luck with future applications.
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