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  1. i remember mitch kidnap me! he is chasing me lol keep teleporting
  2. 1. Add new titles for bounty hunters. Ex. Bounty hunter god for top 1 bh etc. 2. Add new titles for rebel that can obtain in main server without playing in domination ex. Rebel outpost camper king 3. I think its time to let the bounty hunters use mk1 as downing but only top 3 bh can able to use this so. Only 3ppl can used this.. other bh that using this downing gun and theyre not in the top 3 must get ban for 1month so no one will ever dare to do this unless theyre tards 4. Add new clothes all factions ex. Set clothes hitman costume,squid game costume,heist bela ciao costume,us army costume 5. Add new super armor super clothes but make this very highprice ex. Armor vest lvl 10 800k super clothes with fast moving skills make more faster if usimg cocaine make this like 1million or higher 6. I think we should lower the price of rpg its more fun if theres a lot of rpg battles.. 7. 1 add armored vehciles for all factions. 8. 1 add new helicopter attack put like minigun. helicopter for all factions make the glass weak so its not so op. Can easily kiled by 7.62mm 9. Shed can be a drug factory but the ingredients are need to be looted cant buy from npc need 6ppl to run the drug factory.. cops cant detect the drug factory unless theres a intel from a civillian.. the civillian must get a reward like 100k.. .. cops must roam in altis to check if theres a drug factory in some shed. There must be a machine inside the shed and it will be stopped in 1minute so...the drug gangs must have a look out.. or some intel in every city or places The upgrade is must be highprice 10m? Or 5m 10. Remove the duel arena...change it to 5vs5 in very close quarter map or area with only frist person view 50k per head 11. Add cock fighting good gambling cops can raid this.. this can buy from npc and can do this inside the house or outside
  3. Its my time to invest in the server
  4. they have very very have a skill issue. theyre all bad. Lawless cant fight me 1v1 they bring their whole gang to kill me and trashtalk in sidechat.
  5. ofc it easy to deny, show your video to prove that you guys are 100% clean.
  6. we must play fair like others. thank you for your report. enjoy your stay in the server!
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