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  1. you have a good internet provider.
  2. Making special abilities that they can use a MK1 DOWNING to top 1 to 3 BOUNTY HUNTERS IN THE SERVER! Those People or Bounty Hunters that will use a downing MK1, even theyre not in the top 3 BOUNTY HUNTERS will get ban! maybe we can make it top 1 to 5 and add more titles to the BOUNT HUNTERS! HONOR TO THE BOUNTY HUNTERS!
  3. How about @Gen. Henry Arnold we add MK1 NON LETHAL to top 3 BH in the server? i mean. its like a honor/special abilities that hey can use mk1 downing because theyre at the top of the FUGITIVE ARRESTED top 1 to 3 and add titles to the top bounty hunters?
  4. very strong the lag is very strong
  5. How about this? @Edward Snowden your gang lot of history of cheating hacking exploiting. shame
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