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    Why can't I "!e griddy"
  2. Well seeing as the server barley maxes out at 30 pop and now 15, I don't think the old players were playing anyway. A fresh start is going to cause players to comeback to at least try it out. Definitely not anywhere near the start of wipe. SAs/CM will make that call when the time is right.
  3. Wait till @Bandit reads this
  4. Hi all, I have noticed a lot of uncertainty with the upcoming wipe and I would like to make a post to hopefully put those uncertainties to rest. I also intend on instilling the confidence that I have in this wipe to the rest of the community. As I have mentioned in a previous post, Asylum is at a state right now where getting on and seeing a 30 pop server is something to celebrate. Our developers have been trying furiously hard to pump content into the server that would allow player to have something to do in hopes of bringing more players onto the server. The problem is you cannot pump new content into a server where most of the active players are already at "end game." From an administrative perspective I have been able to see how players typically move on the map, and most of our playerbase do not go out and leave the spawn cities. If they do, they are typically fighting cops at federal events and then right back to sitting in Athira or log off once the cops do. For a server that is based around player vs player interaction, this is not healthy as it leaves nothing to do across the rest of the map. For this reason, a wipe would be the next best step to possibly bring back these player vs player interactions and learn from the previous mistakes that caused us to get to this point in server health. I do understand that losing years of stats, money, and houses can be frustrating for our current playerbase, but if we sit idle and do nothing, those aforementioned items mean nothing. For those who are concerned about this, you do have to realize our player count has been maxing out at 15 players some nights. We have kept pushing out content and listening to suggestions on what to add, remove, and change but content is not the current issue. I also understand that not wanting to grind is an issue. But I assure you that this wipe will make grinding a whole different and fun experience as it did with the test wipe. Understanding this reasoning, you should be very excited and confident for this next wipe. A couple months back Asylum had done a test wipe (mentioned above) to see what a wipe would look like. We collected a significant amount of data and took in how the community had felt about the wipe. With this data, your voices, and what we experienced, we had learned A LOT which will allow us to move forward with this wipe in the most professional and organized way possible. We also saw in the wipe that the player vs player interactions that Asylum is based around were occurring allowing for an amazing wipe experience. As I have said in a previous post, I have never seen our staff team more dialed in and connected in terms of having the SAs/CM and the developers on the same page. We have past Asylum greats throwing their hat in the ring working with our newer staff members to ensure that this is done correctly. We have people within the server staff team and outside of the server staff team working as well to give our server a face lift and a breath of fresh air. We have already announced a solid foundation for the wipe and cannot wait to get it out. There are also many things to look forward to after the initial wipe. This wipe allows us to continue on as a community, staff team, APD staff team, and AFD staff team, and reflect on what had happened in the past and learn from this. This server has been around for years and this wipe offers us a solid base in terms of new beginnings allowing the community to grow and push forward reflecting on and learning from previous experiences. With this I hope to continue to hear your voices in TS and read your forums posts as the staff team works diligently to get this update/patch out. I would like to also hear and read any other concerns you guys may have after reading this that could possibly be answered. All eyes within the Arma 3 community are on us. Lets make this happen. Thank you all for your dedication and loyalty and I hope to see you all in game. Best, Junke 🍌
  5. On a real note though, its bad when we are now desperate for a 30 pop server. At this point in Asylum's life we are going to need drastic changes. Looking back on the test wipe and then looking back now you are right, Asylum has changed and has gone away from its roots. The purpose of this wipe is to go back to that. An example, when I looked on the map during the test wipe I would see players interacting all across the map. There were players in each corner doing something whether it be farming, fighting, etc. Now when I look across the map, I see a cluster of cops and civs in Athira with a few stragglers at cartels or setting up for a bank/prison. You can blame it on whoever, the matter of the fact is that there is just currently no gameplay because most of the server base is already established and all sit in one place of the map. I agree with you that there was one update that slowly led to cause us to be in this spot. But we can't go back now and its better to try to wipe and see if we can get core Asylum back rather than just trying to shove content into a 15 pop server. Not until a week ago, I have never seen a group of SA/CMs and devs work on something so closely together and be on the same page. I am excited to see what comes out of this in hopes of seeing Asylum alive once again.
  6. We got philosophical quotes pertaining to asylum gaming from @Farmer Steve before we got GTA 6.
  7. Oh I'm sorry do you know something I don't? Personally I had to grind for all of my houses before I got admin which legitimately took years for me to acquire right up until just before my mod period. Yes we do have infinite money due to the amount of time we have to dedicate to the backend server issues and having to balance that with our lives. With this comes a huge responsibility of using the money wisely and we as admins are held highly accountable for our spending. There have been instances where admins have gone overboard and out senior admins have gone and talked to these admins. We are not just let loose, every admin's actions are heavily monitored. I am sorry that you feel this way, but if you truly feel that an admin is abusing their abilities then make an admin report. Even if its not a specific scenario it is better to mention it in a report so that if there really is a problem that is not being monitored it can be taken care of. It is way more productive to voice your concerns that way then to just say that there is a problem and the problem is not being taken care of. Or voicing your concern with the admin(s) specifically could also go a long way.
  8. We follow this already
  9. Right? Idk how people have messed this up. Yap yap yap
  10. Everyone who read this 100% laughed at it 😐
  11. Wait, I know this guy!
  12. Dropping a tage right after @Ruffian?
  14. Can we get music on our profiles plz 🙃
  15. Thats already in the game my guy
  16. Fr he could just make an @Ruffian montage
  17. Fun little spawn city? 🤷‍♂️ Spreads players out, but allows for more opportunity for newer players. Essentially another Sofia but on the opposite side of the map.
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    Fuck you @Innate
  19. 2:07 to 2:24 had me on the edge of my seat
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