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    Self lockpick

    So on top of the quest where there's a chance you can narcan yourself when downed, this is now another way of avoiding cop custody.
  2. Junker


    Bro am i the only one whos buying 10 zip ties, 10 lockpicks, 2 narcans, 1 defib, 10 virtual faks, 2 blind folds, 2 blood bags Then MX, 15 downing rounds, 5 lethal rounds, PCOVs, lvl 1 vest, mask, headgear? its only 50k because of the taxes, otherwise my kit is like 35k. But because of taxes its increased. I'm convinced there's a permanent 15% tax rate on top of whatever the governor puts for the tax rate.
  3. I know for a fact OG arms cap you cant pull vehicles
  4. @goyneyThis guy is better than you I like the hyperbeast CSATs
  5. Junker


    Im talking about on civ for bounty hunter my kits are 50k
  6. Junker


    Although I agree that bounty hunter kits are ungodly expensive for no reason (with tax 15%, MX, Pilot coveralls, vest, and Y inv my kit is 50k), I think that it is just the pricing of the equipment that needs to be changed. In terms of cops getting the full bounty, every bounty that cops obtain is split amongst the officers within a 2.5km radius. So, when there's 10 cops on it is very hard to be making as much money as what you a think a cop would.
  7. You don't understand how detrimental it is to a SGT+ for their stuff to get chopped. You don't make any money on cop if you are a SGT+ who actually pulls armor for your fellow officers to push events in. This faction and @Patato nerfing me into the ground has me actually having to go out and grind for money on civ now
  8. MGK it was a good album and then he started cranking out some other shit
  9. Down with the tower just replace it
  10. Downvote button would even be nice
  11. Junker


    Weird how I haven't seen you in-game lately. Get off the forums.
  12. Junker


    Yeah at least his gang isn't permed
  13. Bro aint no way man offering 7 mil to foot push one cop sitting on construction
  14. Junker


    Guys its a Luke montage what have we come to.
  15. Junker


    Nah bruh if I click this and its a montage...
  16. Man @Mayhem is already taking 50k out of my bank account every week because im "in debt". @Patato already nerfed me enough. I have to pay taxes on government equipment on cop (Police ifrits, weaponry, even a donut).
  17. Lmao imagine being a rebel trying to do fed or prison and the APD has a downing minigun quilin. Or youre a rebel trying to do shipping against APD 50 cals being spammed. You guys already cry about ifrits. If this happened, I could not imagine the amount tears that would be dropping in the suggestions and feedback part of the forums for the removal of these vehicles. On top of this, the times when this would suck for the APD would be like @Sandwich said, when there is only constables on. Their 5.56 is doing absolutely nothing to a marid and they are just gonna get riped out 100% of the time making cop unplayable for them at events. I'd imagine not even Corporals are gonna get access to these armed vehicles.
  18. Junker

    Housing Solution

    Trust me, those people don't last long.
  19. Junker

    SWAT Redeploying

    You need to put this in normal suggestions or devs wont look at it
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