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  1. wow can't wait to see those numbers this month
  2. Towers shouldnt be involved in any cap no matter if its broken or not Part of why OG arms is such a good cap
  3. No, no more towers, towers are horrible for arma combat.
  4. I mean i dont see anyone disagreeing. Can we get a poll going @KrazyKnight?
  5. Thats crazy. Hope you guys have your volume down for the amount of flashbangs i plan on throwing when we raid your houses.
  6. Trigger finger just go brazy ig
  7. I think that's why we are seeing the issue of people not being spread out amongst the map. House weed is easy to do if you have any kind of property near a drug dealer. If we want people to disperse then remove house weed and change LSD so that it forces you to go to the purification to get sheets. If you get money making out of cities it causes people to leave places like Kavala, Pyrgos, and Athira and actually go to do coke runs and meth runs etc.
  8. The problem was there were only two entrances cops would get funneled through. Theres now a third entrance. Also didnt help rebels got tons of tree cover from inside mental.
  9. oh maybe i should actually like read it next time
  10. @PatatoI think the IRS has some properties that are about to be repossessed.
  11. What a sad sight to see right here. F
  12. You guys get wiped and then sit on your already capped drug after one push. sad
  13. You think this guy only orders 2?
  14. Theres the Asylum Community, then theres the Kavala community lmao.
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