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  1. Junker

    gang house

  2. Dang @King, apparently when you bought this house for market it was wroth 5 mil.
  3. Oh so they alternate throughout the week
  4. @bbgreg17 Shut up retard
  5. Can a gang own both the gangforts? Can a new player shoot you when in passive mode?
  6. BAHAHAHAHAH I was wondering who that was I was legged the whole time going down that rock couldn't really dpi
  7. I need a new gang they all play on a different server now. Can i join?
  8. I only got time to play late at night and they actually do stuff and fight cartels unlike some gangs... #WeLoveTheChinese
  9. Myself and @Boonie Hat can confirm
  10. I think he's trying to prevent a situation where, you have someone who turned himself in with PDW being processed, friend/group initiates on cops in the mean time. Guy with PDW gets 50% ticket and pays it, then guy with PDW just starts gunning cops in the back right as he is released.
  11. Oh no guys, the APD can't sit in Athira all day.
  12. Don't blame them, every time you log on some dude with 30 hours of Arma 3 on steam is fragging out and hitting nutty shots. When people ask who it is its "Abu's IRL friend." For some reason that same individual doesn't have a mic. Most of the time even your own gangmates don't even know who the guy is.
  13. is it better than nvgs though or no just for you we will keep a setting so that you can wear your nvg's when it gets dark
  14. or allow phone option that allows you to turn the brightness during nighttime up (can't think of what setting is called but its on other arma 3 servers)
  15. True, unfortunately i play with @operatorjohnny^, so you will not be hearing me for a long time.
  16. why do i hear @willtee18's dumbass in the background screaming in every montage
  17. @Innatewhat are you doing? this mans suggestion should have been in the suggestion posts 18 days ago! smh
  18. smh @Patato found out guys gg
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