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    Rebel Camping

    Its for the people that don't. I don't think a lot of community is understanding the issue because they haven't experienced it. Crimson always owns gang fort/boat, but its annoying when we are fighting someone who doesn't have access to those things and they are just being camped at rebel/being bounty hunted. It kills the flow of a rare/quality cartel fight and disincentives it. At least you'll have a gun and there's a fight. Would you rather pull up to rebel naked with a 100k bounty and instantly downed? Or would you at least like the chance of being able to fight for your bounty? Explain 2 in/near warzone. no one is spawning Pyrgos, Athira, Sofia, or Kavala to go fight a cartel in warzone or on drug peninsula. The only two rebels that are camped are Warzone and Donor because thats where the players who enjoy the fighting aspect of the server go to do so. As a fresh spawn trying to get to the cartel quick, how are you supposed to "clear a rebel". You have nothing. Even if you are equipped with like a PDW from Therisa, what is stopping someone from just hiding as you pull up in a hatch or heli and just insta downing you right as you get out of your vehicle.
  2. I think announcing a gang wars that would be hosted next year could incentivize already existing gangs to comeback/play the server. Just making sure there's an emphasis on playtime as a gang prior to the start of gang wars. Obviously the gang wars event could be hosted by out Event Coordinators.
  3. Junke

    Map Designer Role

    I think implementing a Map Designer position into the community could help with alleviating some pressure off of the devs. For example, maybe a fresh revamp on the jewelry and mental or refacing/implementing new structures to the map. The map designers would have to focus on balancing, aesthetic, and server performance if implemented. Map Designers would work alongside devs/event coordinators and the devs + SAs would have final say on what was implemented. (Would be nice to maybe update dom maps a bit as well) Apps would be open for a month, devs+SAs would ultimately decide who would fill the position based on applicants.
  4. A big turn off for rebels is being camped at a rebel by a bounty hunter, restrained, waiting to be sent to jail, and then being put in jail and having to press plates. Its not necessarily a fair way to be caught. My idea: If you are on civ and have a rebel license, you can see how many people are in a rebel by looking at the map (similar to turfs). This would hopefully keep fights going for people who play the server every so often to pvp and potentially keep them playing the server. Most of the time I feel people just log off after being bounty hunted like this.
  5. @NewYork718, due to LIES INORDER TO GET AN EGO BOOST you are not allowed to join the gang at anytime.
  6. Evidences are hard to start as is just due to there not being enough officers online. Also, cadets spawn in the evidence with Constable+ gear anyways. Also there are typically APD officers on that can handout higherup gear.
  7. Looking for ways to prevent these from happening. Pulls cops from patrolling to go look for people in fed who aren't actually doing the event (its a chore more than anything). Civs who are actually trying to do events can't for a while due to event cooldown. Possibly, a thing in the middle of the fed. (Big ass radio tower or something) Even if it's like a 2min animation it just stops the fed.
  8. Its 12 EST announce the Crimson W
  9. The titles you did grammar corrections on now have no color. They are just plain white.
  10. Will safezone rebels be in the same spot
  11. @.Nathan, if you roach an event successfully and deposit the money, will it count towards the event? Or do you have to be the gang/group that starts the event?
  12. Idk chris, why do you think they removed the AK from dom?
  13. my shit already get ratted enough
  14. This is @william's wallpaper behind his set up. (I AM BEING 100% serious he showed up his setup and this is the exact wallpaper)
  15. Well, the cops are starting to evolve and do this: Also it doesn't really make sense that the gate closes with the vehicle still inside. Because once the vehicle gets locked in, the only way cops can get in is a van spot. Shouldn't cops be able to get in via other methods in order to obtain the gold from the tempest again?
  16. If it was quick spool the rotor would have been moving even slower. Also when I took off, the rotor was only spinning fast enough allow me to only move forward and not up. I just held down the W key to get a little bit of movement.
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