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  1. i think 24 hour cooldown could be good most MMORPG has this mechanic
  2. hi there this is EMT XTRMINATE , it has come to my attention that playing medic is has little to no income and difficulties due to the cost of taking out vehicles such as helicopter and heavy vehicles constantly and being redeployed has been affecting not just me but for other medics too , in order to respond to a call , fires and emergency situation we will have to store and take out so many different types of vehicles and being charged up to $750+ and more for larger cars in short amount of time . in turn our hard work of getting 3500 per revive will only be diminishing returns , playing for nearly 7-8 hours a day has shown little to no value , perhaps significantly reducing the cost of taking out cars and specially helicopters will greatly benefit the medic community and will see more significant pay will incentivise medics to play longer hours and not have a negative net value when helping civilians . perhaps higher income for medics may help with this cause not per revive but perhaps daily income when completing X amount of hours on duty or reviving 10x quest and getting additional income towards that . also the server might benefit more if medics has more protection such has larger punishment for players killing medics on duty and not a normal murder fine but a much higher , and will make players consider more on unloading bullets to our medic community , the amount of times i have experienced travelling 6km to answer a fire emergency event to only get shot by rebels and random civilians has been quite discouraging. thank you for your time reading this suggestion kindest regards EMT XTRMINATE
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