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    hahahah, batcan, what an idiot. 

    1. Lucien


      Right when he was about to get sergeant too

    2. Tusken Raider

      Tusken Raider

      Where's the down vote button

  2. anyone want to rdm some medics with me?
  3. 1 v 1 me in Tarkov. 

  4. No one gives a fuck about Sneeze.
  5. I'm torn, Sneeze or Sneeze?
  6. Honestly, great idea. Maybe have illegal sulfur fields too? Cut down trees and burn them in order to obtain charcoal Heck Add a pottasium nitrate field, but legal. All in which to make gunpowder, used to make grenades. (yes, I know grenades aren't made with gunpowder atm, just some composite material.) But, would be cool.
  7. Holy shit, gravl, no. There is no issue here Cops did their jobs and arrested some rebels, who pinged in an area which is completely legal for cops to enter. Stop trying to create more rebel safe spaces, allow the server to have the environment it is meant to have! COP V REBEL. Not Rebel V no one because afraid of cops. There is only one group liking this idea, its the one that got their asses handed to them by the APD.
  8. Mornin Zoomers. 

  9. go back into your retirement home, boomer.
  10. Thank you Mitch, very cool! Ok, boomer.
  11. whose birthday is it? 

    1. Filip(mrav)


      Just go with it

    2. Lucien


      Henrys birthday was yesterday 

  12. Suit up boys. Its time to go to war. 

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    2. Dillon


      Advice on how to beat the draft?

    3. V3n0M!


      doom boner deactivated

    4. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      @Dillon ask donald trump im sure he has some suggestions

  13. Yeah I understand that. DK and I were playing this one server where we were having great 2 v 2s and maybe 2 v 3s. But when you involve cars and all that shit, servers go insane.
  14. Its great now. What do you mean you "miss it" Its a lot of fun now.
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