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  1. was anyone even complaining about houses being taken before they came up with this brilliant idea?
  2. Accepted for interview. @Pladimir Vutin will pm you details.
  3. Wow never thought I'd see the day @bbgreg17 got captain, congrats man you deserve it! Pls do us a solid and reinstate Colton now
  4. nj @DarkKnight @skimancole @Donald
  5. I don't play as much anymore but I really don't like how everything's price price getting inflated. 200k+ for a Sui vest seems excessive to me. I know people have been asking for a money sink but not everyone on the server has 15 mil
  6. Accepted for interview will pm.
  7. Accepted for interview will pm denied gl finding a gang
  8. Trump lost btw. Also tried a coup, didnt work.
  9. You should loose invincibility after 15 min in restraints
  10. Denied good luck finding a gang
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