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  1. im assuming youve played it but if not for some reason, fallout new vegas is the best fallout
  2. I dont know a whole lot about Chinese history, but im pretty sure they did.
  3. i dont think the marines even have a JAG division. Its probably called something else, dont know. https://gyazo.com/d1ca3d6d4016eb62230f80eb76359758
  4. To be fair, if he was doing something he shouldnt have is it really targeting? I feel like if he wasnt in the wrong he wouldnt be blacklisted. just my 2 cents
  5. @Dick Romney mein führer i never said take the guns away
  6. Its pointless to debate someone that screams "YOURE GONNA TAKE MY GUNS" when all i said was "im all for semi auto rifles, just want common sense laws like enhanced background checks and reduced magazine size". sorry you cant tell the difference. You deflect everytime i say something https://gyazo.com/af224335b146b14445187a3d6d2fe116
  7. Add a 1 time use buyable lead shielding at gas stations that can be attached to cars, and let them carry uranium until the car is stored for like 10-15k.
  8. I dont think its any secret cops dont normally check it, you and the apd as a whole are very different. I can safely say I haven't seen anyone check scotch for probably the last 2-3 months while ive been on.
  9. not to mention cops wouldnt check it
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