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  1. Is it exploiting to park a car by a house, and blow the car up with a gun to blow the house up
  2. we need term limits and impeachment.
  3. Everything is so much cheaper and convenient to buy now though, im lazy as fuck when it comes to making money and i still get by
  4. You should honestly be the last person to talk about common sense in the APD, the amount of shit I saw you do against the guidebook rules would make me think you were a new constable if you didnt have your rank in front of your name.
  5. Im still banned nerd

  6. im assuming youve played it but if not for some reason, fallout new vegas is the best fallout
  7. I dont know a whole lot about Chinese history, but im pretty sure they did.
  8. i dont think the marines even have a JAG division. Its probably called something else, dont know. https://gyazo.com/d1ca3d6d4016eb62230f80eb76359758
  9. To be fair, if he was doing something he shouldnt have is it really targeting? I feel like if he wasnt in the wrong he wouldnt be blacklisted. just my 2 cents
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