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  1. @Dennis black Denied, good luck finding a gang
  2. Imagine hating your own country so much that you move to the armpit of the world @DS_Billy
  3. Commi .

    1. •ÐŠ• Randy
    2. Sail


      Is it because im white? 

    3. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      no because you support a white nationalist 

  4. I think you are ignoring me

  5. Talk to him outside the game. If he's playing the game, he wants to play the game. I know for a fact he's pulled some of you and talked to you outside of the game. No one is going to listen to you when you kidnap them and you're braindead if you think they will.
  6. yeah i would ignore you guys to if you did this. The dude is trying to enjoy a game, probably doesnt want to see a black screen and hear a bunch of bullshit. Also how did we get back to this? Like Jesse said, the APD had nothing to do with it. It was probably more of you guys camping the spawn with tarus and sitting on top of the dome lobbing grenades at the spawn.
  7. we cant, none of them are cops, but know everything about the inner workings of the APD and know why captains decide on the stuff they decide on
  8. still waiting on that money ma'am 

  9. still waiting on that money sir.

  10. I recommend just pressing plates because it takes 5 minutes and its free
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