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    I like playing medic, I think medic is the best faction.

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  1. Months ago, I watched my first APD convoy event happening and just saw the sheer force of the APD march their way down the MSR during an event hosted by @.Nathan https://medal.tv/games/arma-3/clips/1oiCGpdp37Pzuy/d1337c0aldMT?invite=cr-MSxWREwsMTczNTgxMjI2LA
  2. You wish, no need for kneepads where I'm gonna be
  3. It is not, should still be the Gov. decision on whether they'd like to make it legal or illegal.
  4. Great suggestion, wouldn't want Hugo's brother @Chow Mein bringing terror to the streets of Asylum. https://medal.tv/games/arma-3/clips/1IW1inRlAaahTy/d1337SbX96Oo?invite=cr-MSxSa2UsMTczNTgxMjI2LA
  5. Trist


    can't trust someone who's a hard-stuck gold smh, especially someone who mains eLa
  6. Fully kitted on medic is crazy
  7. Thank you, Ronald, for popping around and helping out when you could. I appreciate you dealing with our nagging as well. Witz definitely deserves DoD for the patience and dedication he's put in. Congrats on Retirement @Ronaldand Congrats @Witzon taking on more responsibilities for the future of the server!
  8. This would be the best suggestion I could see possibly implemented.
  9. Altis EMS Rank Apparatus & Perks Emergency Medical Responder: Quadbike, Off-road (Basic) Emergency Medical Technician: Hatchback (Sport) Off-road (Service), SUV, Ambulance, Hummingbird Helicopter, M-900 Helicopter, Tempest (Medical), self-protection 1 and transport perks. Advanced Emergency Medical Technician: Hunter, Tempest (Firetruck), Taru (Medical and Bench), RHIB, Assault boat, Qilin Pilot helmets, Medical Airdrops, Smoke Grenades, improved Clothing Store Paramedic: Hatchback (Sport - Supervisor), Off-road (Comms), Strider, Orca, Taru Helicopter, Self-protection 2, Transport 5, and Lifesaver I & V perks Asst. Chief/Chief: Search & Rescue Hellcat
  10. Thank my boys sealooter and stretch for that
  11. I wish y'all the best in life and I hope to see y'all sometime in the future, All the best!
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