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  1. i was thinking maybe add like a food processing building or something so people would have to go some place maybe by tweaking campfires / the processing building Using a campfire having a chance to burn the item you are trying to cook Where as the processing plant / building whatever has a 0% chance to burn your item making it more worthwhile while also adding some extra risk
  2. i'd be against because i feel like there's already too many reasons for people to not do anything but sit in their houses
  3. because people are going to stack their houses with them then sell them for insane prices if they get removed
  4. looks more like a fed event then an hq at tnis point
  5. The other issue with putting everything together , capturing a cartel takes 20 miuntes, so by putting them all together when you're halfway capping the other cartel the first cartel will be getting contested opening the door to zerg gangs again there's no point in "gangs don't go for them because they're out of the way" it's gangs don't go for the cartel if they don't need it hence my increase the payout / make it worth fighting, because if you really want to profit from any of the cartels you'll have to run drugs / sell scotch which you don't have time for if you cap more then 1 cartel at a time because the cooldown will already be over. The cartels don't generate enough to justify fighting them for 4 hours straight. So i don't know there still wouldn't be a reason for me to go to wongs even if it was closer , i'd still rather cap drug cartel, run drugs and make money off of it while owning it instead of going after wongs for the 20k you get an hour but also like i said it doesn't hurt in trying to move it can always do a test run of it, if it catches on cool, if it doesn't just revert it back.
  6. "gang life is dead" is mainly used by envy who only log on for gang fort, and carreer cops, we have fights for drug cartel that lasted upto an hour and half it's not because it's conveniently placed on the map, it's because drug cartel is actually somewhat decent to fight for, and unless you're running scotch all day you don't really care about wongs, which is why people just afk cap it and nobody cares about , look at oil cartel the only people that care about it are DH and DS because they use the rubber nobody else cares about it enough, try increasing the rewards for Wongs / Oil / Arms to a point where you can say it was worth potentially losing a loadout for. i mean i'm all for trying the new locations but i doubt it'll change anything, but like you said doesn't hurt trying
  7. Don't really feel a need to cram everything on arms island tbh , also if anything i don't think there's something wrong with the current wong locations , i feel like the cartel itself is just really bad (yes the new one as well)
  8. Definately need more hq,s for more zerg rushes , if it's an event only thing sure idc but outside of that, just more aids to an already aids faction
  9. LOL you play civ? quit dreaming
  10. Alright fair enough , not your fault henry cant code anything right... smh
  11. Is it possible to create a keybind for using the defib? i've just been thinking this might also be a way to revive people that get stuck in the ground since the scroll wheel option to defib doesn't show up maybe with a keybind it could get the people that are requesting within range. if i'm a total dumbass and it's not possible please let me know and i will flame gen. henry arnold for this Thank you
  12. STOP RATTING IFRITS MIKE , jk dont care just use them to push next time , we just want to fight Anyways all trolling aside i kind of like the idea of there being like a general amount of money being made from a cartel that is not server related, not a crazy amount though because there's already enough money in the game but like 50k/ hour something like that , the main thing is when you get stuff like drugs / wongs and you actually run scotch / do drugs you already earn alot of money because of no cut being taken but the arms cartel could definately do with a little boost to make it more appealing to people. Also defrags and junke can you guys talk shit to eachother in like private messages instead of in the suggestion posts i know there's alot of sexual tension between you two but still... thanks
  13. Hell bro was a good attempt at least you got to see the meatstick gang outfit (donor hawaian , messenger backpack) like how i stand out in the clip you got my good side Anyways try it again would fucking love to get destroyed on a tower like that instead of just getting tower lagged
  14. literally saw you go upside down i'm like hmmm either he's trying to vdm us or he's going to do something sick , turns out it was a bit of both
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