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  1. Hello everyone, been a little while. Here's some thoughts I've had while I was gone that I believe would improve player engagement and game play experience across all play styles, other than direct and intentional trolling, and offer positive reinforcement for those play styles: -- Reduction in prison sentences (Active and Passive changes) - (Passive) By reducing the maximum prison sentencing time, expected player engagements in role play are expected to improve, to include bounty hunters. As it stands, the penalty for prison time can be disheartening to new players who have genuinely fallen in with the wrong crowd and may lead to an early departure from the server. Further, long prison times lead to the bounty hunting play style to be significantly more difficult than I believe is intended. This leads to hollow RP and "hands up or be downed/die" situations, which are frankly, un-fun. - (Active) Allow for more mini-games (in-game) or credit granting (out of game) that reduce prison time by a finite amount while inside. Ideas for this may include things that are beneficial to the server as a whole, perhaps even some things that help out the administration/moderator staff. -- Increase group based, legal activity compensation - This change would allow for more player to player role play that is both engaging and beneficial to the players. It also offers a meaningful alternative to the criminal play style, which currently appears to be the most played style and has been for quite some time. Along these lines leads to the next two suggestions. -- Allow for the creation of corporations - This change would allow for legal groups to do new and engaging activities that would fall under the legal side of things. Items here would be buying mining, oil, fishing, hunting rights to a location and being able to tax on those locations. Alternatively, being able to open factories and produce goods and services for the Altis population. -- Improvements the bounty hunter system - This suggestion would be to rename bounty hunters to "Private Security" and adding the ability to provide transport security with specialized vehicles for corporations. (i.e. - armored trucks) Additionally, allow for contracts to be drafted for said individuals to allow for automatic compensation to be granted upon completion. This system could potentially leverage the current delivery system in way of mechanics. (i.e. "Umbrella Corp. has requested an armored transport for $5000, press "x" to respond." "You have accepted contract #1, proceed to DP 1 for pickup of goods." "You have picked up all items for contract #1, proceed to DP 13 for drop off." "You have completed contract #1, your payment has been deposited into your bank account, have a nice day!") -- Specific gang on gang (gang war) events - Without a doubt, there are a lot of things to do for gangs and criminals as a whole on Altis, however, most of this is centered around the player to make the experience meaningful. Most of the time this comes at a cost to the enjoyment of other players on the server, especially the new player experience. What I have observed is that combat is the primary focus of gangs on the server, which is a rewarding and engaging play style. I believe that by refocusing efforts on designing engaging and rewarding reasons for gangs to fight against one another, in locations that are not in or near major towns, it both meets the needs of the mindset of these players and promotes a healthy role play experience on the server. Frankly, that there are some parts of town you don't want to be in. The list for ideas I have here is pretty extensive, so if this is something that interest the community and it's administration, then I would be happy to go into additional detail about them. -- Remove 7.62+ weapons - This change promotes engagement and increases TTK in most situations. It does this by limiting the weapons available on the server to 6.5mm or lower, in doing so you passively re-balance fire fights into being more personal and close quartered. -- All active APD members are explicitly prohibited from being in or collaborating with any gang on the civilian side and must wear an "Off Duty" tag while on civilian side - This change improves the new player experience by making seasoned players more readily accessible for both questions and a good role play experience. It further resolves evident "conflict of interest" situations that occur consciously or subconsciously during play. Additionally, this improves APD, rebel and criminal experiences by allowing for new and fresh tactics shared only within the police force to be used in an element of surprise, which cannot occur under the current design. I have some additional ideas, all of which will try to leverage current systems/code that are in place to make implementation less difficult and offer the largest possible improvements relative to level of effort to implement. However, I want to see how some of these larger ones are received before putting any additional time towards that. Thank you for your efforts, Shantarr
  2. Perhaps make it both require a talent and the instigator be in a gang. Then the cooldown is applied only to that gang.
  3. Courtesy of Maxime and Co. https://boom.tv/w?v=rfjd4mx7v9rxd
  4. Caves are fine as long as they are not resource nodes, breeding times are the same, maturation is faster. Wyvrens enabled.
  5. Please do and feel free to invite your friends
  6. All dino's. Rust server not at the moment, ARK is about to launch so it's the choice game I'm using my hardware for.
  7. Minor tweaks on weight and stamina for dinos. Rules will be posted on a steam group soon. Short of it is: Play fair, have fun and 24h cooldown after you've been raided. Cooldown starts when there's a 15m lul in fighting.
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