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  1. Rebels asking for an easier time at prison breaks. I thought I'd seen everything. Rebels already have enough advantages given to them through APD policies. Can't seize vehicles in combat. Can't drive rebel vehicles. Removed HVT. Forced to roleplay with you while your friends charge the HQ. 2 Life maximum at any red zone. Can't touch Cartels without a warrant track / APB. Even then only when it's not contested. Can't go to rebel air drops without a warrant track / APB. Not allowed to be in Donor Town (Theresia) for more than a few minutes. Can't use warning shots outside of HQs. Brag about killing cops all day, your asses playing on story mode difficulty. Don't even get me started on the game mechanic advantages.
  2. No, Captains and LTs only carry lethal rounds. A script was added that forces all ammo to be downing for LT+, unless you attach a laser pointer to your weapon.
  3. I think all reviving that doesn't come from whitelisted medics should be removed. My bank account is starting to suffer.
  4. I realize the servers have become more combat oriented, and I know the limitation wouldn't be implemented. I simply like the idea of using appropriate force. 5.56 when patrolling cities or streets, 6.5 for patrolling the highway, and 7.62 for responding to fed/prison/bank. Using 7.62 in kavala makes me feel like a dirty boy, I at least want to give Farmersville a chance.
  5. I'm glad you aren't active at all Big gun better
  6. Agreed. A cop that's effective with a 7.62 at a prison/bank would be just as effective with a 6.5. I spoke to Samp and Leady a little over a week ago about cops not carrying another over a 5.56 unless at a prison or bank, and 7.62 being straight lethal. I don't think it'll be implemented, but Samp seemed to like the idea.
  7. Not to make a pun, but it looks a little too uniform. Could use a little texture to the blue sections.
  8. I've never seen a Captain, retired or otherwise, go out of their way to be abusive. I don't want to use a blanket excuse such as "they deserved it", or "they knew what they were doing / getting themselves into". But, sometimes, that is the case. Looking from the outside in on what a Captain in game does can look very damning. What's likely is that the Captain has a good reason for lethaling, jailing, increasing someone's ticket, or even leaving them restrained for 10 minutes. Just a day or two ago, I drove a suspect back from a bank robbery. If you were on the outside of the situation, you would've seen me simply drive back to HQ, and throw him in jail without saying a word to him. In reality, he was screaming his lungs out in vehicle chat, and I'm absolutely not going to process that. We've been on these servers long enough, 2013 btw, to have a rapport with almost everyone who has stuck around on these servers. We recognize your name and your past interactions with us. If we know someone to be toxic, troll us, bar gate us, etc, we'll give you a shorter leash. There are ways to get attention from the police that doesn't require us to dislike you for it. While the solution isn't as simple as "Be nicer to the police", it would go a long way to correcting the issues you're bringing up, @Sean That Irish Guy. If you report an officer who's treating you like shit, and the video shows him treating you like shit, but you are also treating him like shit, it devalues your report. If you report a cop being an asshole for no reason, he'll have guaranteed action taken. The way I used to handle reports on officers boiled down to a couple of factors. Was the officer acting negatively as a reaction, did he make a mistake, or was he being malicious. Only two of those deserve punishment, and one needs a lot of context. Sort of rambling, but if you don't give an officer a reason to mistreat you, he'll eventually get himself demoted/removed. I can't speak for the spawning stuff in, or lethaling someone to not have to drive them back.
  9. Until you send me one with your face on it
  10. Catch me with the only girl that matters
  11. I've looked through all available content at my disposal, and I can't find actual documentation on what you've done to deserve 2 points. Is someone doing my boy Lucky dirty?
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