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  1. What is wrong with members of the furry fandom?
  2. Good idea Mr. Peacock hello? How about great idea future mod Knight05? You know the one who made the post and said the same exact thing. HellOoooOOOOoOooOOOoOOoOOooooooo?
  3. I'll keep this short but based off the community meeting there was alot of feedback regarding removing the talent tree from civ and making it straight infamy. If the original idea was approved for civ at some point I would also make the suggestion for cop. Once you hit corporal + there simply is not enough skill points to get all the things you want to get for maximum effectiveness IMO. A rough example would be if you take all the air talents just to be able to fly orca on UC etc you miss out on other things. So i think ideally remove the talents and put everything in prestige for Corp+ only and leave the talents for cadet/constable. Otherwise I think corporal needs a talent points buff by about 4 or so. I cannot speak to the other ranks as I am only a corporal but I imagine its the same for SGT+
  4. It takes 30 sec to become a medic. If someone doesn't have thr patience to do a 30 sec medic app then they're going to troll
  5. You guys suggest shit like this but when they do the temporary type events for this purges etc nobody shows up because really nobody cares except those who sit in city's all day and RDM anyways rule or no rule. Olympus has far more rules and they're better for it. We need more rules, harsher punishments for bans, and more RP. And we need to protect people's feelings and immersion at all cost. Just RDM and VDM people literally all day is going to make people especially new people quit like within an hour or less. The amount of time I see someone new join the server and just say yo this fuck is RDMing me non stop in town then instantly logging off was like a 10x a day, daily occurrence. This is altis life not call of duty. So both of you queers need to quit arguing and hug it out and embrace RP and stronger rules.
  6. What's the difference between a mod and support?
  7. I do also agree that infamy gain is a bit low in it's current form. One suggestion I made several times that I still stand by as a solid idea is that players who complete a national HQ (civ) or the oil rig fed (cop) can have the option to purchase new coins that are dramatically lower in price say a rough estimate of 100k for 10,000 infamy/honor/prestige etc. Obviously I am pulling random numbers out of my ass so it would have to be a fair amount for the money but the principle idea is it does 3 things: 1) Incentivizes people to run these feds even after they max all tiers 2) Gives people who can't afford the normal tier coins ( 3 mil for civ 1 mil'ish for cop) and are broke a chance to still get something of meaningful value 3) Helps remove money out of the economy I personally see no downside to this but welcome feedback.
  8. While I appreciate these meetings I would suggest going forward in the future to potentially change the time so it does not conflict with domination times/days IMO so that many of those people can participate and not have to choose 1 or the other. Most of the people who play dom are sweat lords and their input would value greatly in "some" categories such as cartels and pvp based areas etc and since many of them are year long veterans. Either push it back an hour or 2 or choose a non DOM day.
  9. Going to assume its 2 tops per gang like the turf. But I guess fitz will tell us. Have fun with those cop buffs boys.
  10. Lol winney the pooh is never going to let those links work. That's why he doesn't know, and probably never will. They're basically on lockdown like north korea.
  11. I think a fair compromise is we let them stay but we get a free pass to be racist and xenophobic without fear of repercussion from the admins. I think that would make everyone happy tbh. The Chinese get to rob and kidnap all new players with downing weapons continuously and kill the server and in return we can call them slurs and rogue still skims off the top like a mafia boss and watches the world burn while he counts his stacks of money. Would that be agreeable?
  12. You are support. You are suppose to be supportive and my authorized representative. The first line of defense in the community. Support me. If I ask how's that conversation going to go? They're going to tell me to KMS and then I might and you would be sad and miss me if I did.
  13. 采纳你自己的建议。你是明天在工厂生产我的新 Android 手机的 18 小时轮班的人。 Cao ni ma
  14. Ya there's 4 selectable options. What if someone hypothetically was a non binary libtard Californian furry with tourettes? Asking for a friend.
  15. That's a really good idea support member fried rice. What would you rate the priority level as well on assigning interchangeable icons or blank sections where people can assign themselves pronouns so we can all interchangeably share our individuality like Pokémon cards?
  16. They have already said the answer is no and there will be zero passive income. Also this is a NA server speak English bitch Google translate or something for christ sake. At least make the effort. -500 social credit for being lazy and retarded.
  17. As Fitz said speak English. Nobody is Google translating that shit.
  18. By all means go ahead I'm ready.
  19. No it's deeper than that, Chow wants the entire server killed. He's evil. A double sleeper agent for olympus. That's why he made all the suggestions about National Fed and Oil Rig and then it got changed like a day later. Some men don't want money or power they just want to watch the world burn. 具有讽刺意味的是,当你们国家在独裁者和大屠杀者的统治下,以入侵威胁强行迫使其他国家加入你们的国家,并以极端的审查制度和任何违反小熊维尼权威独裁统治的自由尝试来惩罚自己的公民时,你们称我为希特勒。
  20. Who is being racist? This is a wholesome respectful conversation you cheating ass, tusken raider looking sandy fuck.
  21. How much is Xi Xi Ping paying you?
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