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  1. Is the dev team aware of the APD Undercover vehicles and the jeep (assuming it wasn't intentionally removed) being gone from the cop vehicle shop (from qualified slots/ranks)? What is the status of the Warrant/Medic cop slots being fixed? Thanks!
  2. I wish that they would bring it back. Yes, it had issues, but it was a great experience overall, even if my toaster (at the time) couldn't handle it.
  3. Australia was where it was at. Server 6 best server.
  4. Cya, Google. Have fun wherever you go. o7
  5. I just picked it up in the sale yesterday, and I'm only level 8... if you still want me over randoms, I guess I could. I have all the DLC operators, and some of the non-DLC ones. @Sugarfoot
  6. Make police hunters have an option to have the same color scheme as Sergeant BDUs. Also, some holiday limited edition vehicles and shirts would be nice if possible. inb4moredonorskins
  7. I'd like to see it for Constables or Corporals+, but make it more expensive than the APD Sports Hatchback. Not too excessive, though.
  8. Used to for my High School's band when I was still in High School. Never bothered going into DCI.
  9. Hello, Do you know how recent, or what version of a Thunderbolt 3 port you have? If it is an older version (if you even have one), the data transfer rate of the eGPU may make it worse than whatever GPU you currently have. Thanks, MarchingBands
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