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  1. I would like to cancel my app due to you guys being strictly NA, I was looking for more of a mixed/EU gang. Thanks.
  2. That was a meme how many times I was not serious when I made that app you referenced 11/10 shooting from are you illiterate? oh no I remember you are banned so you can't see the gta forums wannabe gta rat. You don't know me but you still chat shit to me like you know me....
  3. I died last and I had an sdar because I was broke.
  4. If you don't ask you don't learn... and I already stated that I don't know any cartel callouts except og arms... ( money now that isn't a problem ) I know how to do a bank and prison break but not how to do the bars on a fed as I have never done that role - and you got mad at me and told me to cover east gate so I covered east entrance and you guys let the Chinese land an orca inside the fed and wipe you then I was pinned by cops and Chinese and you got mad at me for being the last one alive and dying because teammates covering my flanks died. Did I mention recently a prim guy drove an ifrit into a .50 cal and got us all killed then blamed me for not decamping into a .50 cal and a guy sitting 5m away behind a rock waiting for me to decamp. nooo blame gazza not the spaz who drove an ifrit into a .50 and got us wiped Because we are Primitive and we chat shit about every gang including lawless 24/7 calling them shit but get wiped by them all the time. ( and prim comms are aids its literally people hotmic all the time and screaming i caught a bulbasaur on pokemon go )
  5. Now you are making this up when did I say I was a big man? proof or didn't happen. - I apologize for making the recruitment thread a mess
  6. sorry I don't recognize you either.
  7. In-Game Name: Gazza ( I use random tags most of the time ) Age: 18 Timezone: GMT ArmA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Estimated Asylum Hours: 1,700 + Previous Gang Affiliations: non worth mentioning What can you contribute to Renegade?: I am very experienced with good combat skills and situational awareness but my pc is full of dust/dying and I get almost unplayable fps most of the time. Why are you interested in joining Renegade?: I have 200k in my bank and would like to practice with a gang at doing cartels as I only know OG arms callouts and need to learn the others Do you know anyone in Renegade who can vouch for you? (Optional): nope ( also no one likes me )
  8. I offer 80k and I am very active will buy it ASAP no time waste - PM me if it is still for sale
  9. This thread kinda just turned into everyone giving shout outs to their own gang *facepalm*
  10. you used to play gta you hypocrite...
  11. how do you sell an orca on the asylum exchange??
  12. DO NOT SELL IT AT THE FACTORY. I got scammed I spent 70k on the stuff to make it and it sold there for 40k
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