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  1. Classic Sojobo landing right there
  2. Sojobo


    hello, you called? What is this, I'm confused
  3. Too hardcore mate, we're a light RP server. Bans for being a bad medic should be out of the question. The whole whitelisted debate is a thing in itself, I'm neutral on that ground but I don't see why Medics should be exempt from being taken hostage and what not when cops have no such rules. We're here for the fun and the pewpew, I'd love for medics to get some feature loving but I don't think this is the right way forward for them.
  4. Again, overpowered how? As the first post mentioned, I suggest different sized bases to accommodate for smaller gangs. If they're bought and paid for via rent then it's not really about who the top tier gangs are, it's about which gangs make enough money to support them. A lot of these "top tier gangs" fight cartels but who's to say they empty those cartels, if not then they'll need to start doing so to fund their gang base.
  5. Overpowered in what way? It's the same as a turf and slightly better than the lucky few with houses close to rebel.
  6. Alucards a badass, don't hate. Also, !myduck
  7. In the last 10 minutes that number went up to 1,272 unique players so far today
  8. In other news Sojobot sniffed 1,238 unique players on the servers today.
  9. C# and I'm using SQLite cos I'm lazy, first time I've used SQLite actually, I'm usually a MySQL kinda guy.
  10. if ((message.StartsWith("!bef") || message.StartsWith("!bf")) && aliveduck) // befriend the duck { int myfriends = 0; m_dbConnection.Open(); string sql = "SELECT duckfriends FROM users WHERE guid = '" + User.SubItems[3].Text + "'"; SQLiteCommand command = new SQLiteCommand(sql, m_dbConnection); SQLiteDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader(); while (reader.Read()) myfriends = Convert.ToInt16(reader["duckfriends"]); myfriends++; b.SendCommand("say -1 [Sojobot]: " + uname + " befriended the duck in " + Math.Round((DateTime.Now - lastduck).TotalSeconds, 2) + "s! They've befriended a total of " + myfriends + " ducks"); //They've made friends with " + usersduckfriends + " ducks so far!"); aliveduck = false; sql = "UPDATE users SET duckfriends = " + myfriends + " WHERE guid = '" + User.SubItems[3].Text + "'"; command = new SQLiteCommand(sql, m_dbConnection); command.ExecuteNonQuery(); m_dbConnection.Close(); }
  11. So far server 1 is the only server not to kill or make friends with any ducks, losers!
  12. !bef - befriend a duck when you spot one !bang - kill a duck when you spot one !duck - See how long it's been since a duck was last spotted !myduck - See your duck stats
  13. I built the one in the screenshot with Zeus, I suggest we add maybe 3 - 5 per server and I agree, a substantial down payment followed by a high recurring cost to keep the bases should ensure they're not being hogged by ghost gangs.
  14. My only problem with making it a fight is that maybe 1 gang would bounce from server to server and hold them all down, whereas if theres a monetary upkeep to them, especially if its expensive, then it would turn people off from trying to hold them for no reason. The other thing being that it would allow for smaller gangs to have their own HQ so long as they can afford it.
  15. I was thinking about this too but not sure how it'd work. Cumulative rating of all members? Average rating? just need the buyer to have the high rating? idk.
  16. No different to camping a gang house, if someones scumming ya HQ spawn elsewhere, no big deal.
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