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  1. Little Farmer needs to farm some cocaine so little farmer can run faster
  2. Vests and scopes craftable at BOTH bmp and firearms factory please. You cant craft vests at firearms factory which from my knowledge arent illegal technically and they cant be made in a legal area. If vests are made in an illegal area why not scopes too its killing my effeciency here guys lol.
  3. All up to who opens vendor housing and where & what their selling. I think the exchange would still have its purpose. If i choose to sell Mk-1s from my house by wongs cartel up ne somewhere and at the exchanges as well. It could still benefit people closer to the house selling the Mk-1s as an example. Would make for interesting RP for those who end up finding out the guys house their buying from is someone they dont like also lol!
  4. Purchasable upgrade for housing that creates a house menu option for other players to buy items from a property you own with the upgrade. Also make houses vending items able to be located much like the player to player housing system works. People can sell select items right out of there houses in prime locations or wherever they own and set up a vendor upgraded house.
  5. wipe = GOODBYE to worth a shit loyal players that have put the time in for their shit!
  6. wtf is an invisible backpack were not in 2320 in 2022 calm down ebola lmao
  7. could also make people sign in more too just sayin
  8. Please Find a way to make asylum exchange listings viewable on My Asylum. It would bring life to the Asylum Exchange and be a very cool feature IMO
  9. my buddy is wanting to sell his 3c 79 meters from proc. if your still interested or wanna upgrade!
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