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  1. crawl in your dads ass retard
  2. people closing shed doors / gates on vehicles then shooting it to blow it up
  3. dawg this is literally a suggestion page, i never said they NEED to add this shit, calm down
  4. R4T

    asy 7

    I'll send your granny through the meat grinder ya cunt
  5. you can drive it in perfectly with no issues, why not spawn it there too? ifrits bigger and u can spawn that in there
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DsSrWUl-uY
  7. yo grandma's got a wet ass pussy
  8. Selling all 3 houses and the industrial shed The 3 houses are fully upgraded, the shed is not The best crank setup you can imagine
  9. I bet you imagine that gay shit all the time, stay out my way boi
  10. I’m sorry you’re dogshit at the game, keep practicing. You might be as good as us one day buddy
  11. It’s somewhat relevant, you’re saying having 5k hours between different games wouldn’t impact your performance on arma? Lol tf you talking about Specifically FPS. Lol... Again y’all retards thinking he’s gonna get banned are gonna be real butthurt when he’s tearing your asses up in 3 months
  12. not all of us forget to turn our pc off
  13. y'all saying that he cheats are retarded as hell. kids got 3k hours on rust and 2k on cs. good tage
  14. i legit did not know this... thank you for the info! thank you for the feedback libs. I take pride in my ability to move my arm down when i spray
  15. Just throwing my opinion out there. s1 fucking blows and gets nuked all the time, i find myself putting in like 5 comp requests a week due to s1 getting bombed. Spamming s1 to get in is toxic, half the time i end up playing something else cause i dont want to spam enter for 15 minutes. Why not just keep doing what you've been doing and shutting down s2 when s1 pop drops
  16. instead of just a carrier lite why not most clothes, put a cotton field or some shit so i can make scrubs pick my cotton
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